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Charles Murray Doesn't Belong Here

At this political moment when the very humanity of people of color in this country is being questioned and white supremacy is at the forefront of American political discourse, students ought to stand with their vulnerable peers of color, and other marginalized persons, on this campus.


You Should’ve Seen It Coming

The point is that how we handle Charlottesville is incredibly important. What we say next matters, because it can lead to either change or complacency, acceptance, or denial.


Loving Me Back

When intersectionality is rejected for one-dimensionality, the erased identities become vulnerable.


Becoming Black

My blackness is more than my body. It is my glory, it is my embrace of all that makes my community what it is—the generational trauma and the cultural beauty.


Behind Enemy Lines

This institution has stunning selective blindness, and it chooses to ignore the things that challenge its core - its tradition.


Dating While Black

Black love is beautiful because it is a rejection of the lies. It embraces our glory as living, breathing beings that are worth loving.


For Us, By Us

Too many white people think they're entitled to hip hop, but not responsible for the people hip hop was meant to save.


I Ain’t Your Uncle Tom

Social progress has become the project of the oppressors, not the oppressed.


Pusey Library: A Question of Priorities

We want to create a venue for safe, inclusive, large-scale events oriented towards freshmen, with an emphasis on safe and inclusive, because our current social climate is neither.