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Toward a New Gen Ed

While we still have concerns about the proposed structure of the new set of requirements, we are glad that the report directly addresses the need for improving the quality of teaching in Gen Ed courses.


Fixing the MBTA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) appears set to cut late-night service. However, this is not the answer to its long-standing budget problems.


Support Sexual Assault Victims

We applaud the Harvard students, other activists, and government officials involved in drafting this legislation, and we urge Massachusetts legislators to pass it.


A Facilitating Step

A public toilet is set to open in Harvard Square in the coming weeks. It marks a step in the right direction, but also points to the work still to be done regarding the Square's homeless population.


Don’t Eradicate Tuition

Put simply, free tuition would provide an unnecessary subsidy to students whose families who can afford to pay for college.


Resume De-Padding

If an overhaul of the admissions process is to productively make room for low-income students on the college’s acceptance roster, it must not only discourage resume padding in its students but also abolish its own systemic flaws.