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Support HUDS Workers

Harvard needs to recognize the important role—one that is not fungible—that HUDS workers play on campus, and compensate them accordingly.


A Nudge in the Right Direction

The process of registering to vote can be complicated and daunting, especially for students, many of whom don’t vote in Massachusetts and may also be first-time voters.


Free Elections, Free Harvard

Despite the unconventional nature of Unz’s platform, discouraging the input of outside voices will harm the University in the long run.


A Knee-Jerk Reaction

Even though reasonable people disagree about how Kaepernick chose to highlight these issues, they cannot deny that such ills are among the most significant injustices in the United States.


A Win-Win Situation

Officers’ refusal to volunteer, and the police union’s subsequent lawsuit, are both unfortunate setbacks to a promising program.


No Guns on Campus

If college campuses are to remain the intellectually free and challenging sanctums they are meant to be, guns have no place.


Supporting Maggie Williams at the IOP

Maggie Williams has every right to actively support any political cause, and it is especially in her role as IOP Director that she is entitled to—and actively encouraged to—engage in political expression.


Safe Spaces and Free Speech

While the University of Chicago may have overstepped in issuing a blanket condemnation of safe spaces and content warnings, its letter was also a reaction to the suppression of speech that has every right to be heard on university campuses everywhere.


The Right to Unionize or Not

Whatever its advantages and drawbacks, unionization is now open to discussion among graduate students without legal speed bumps impeding their efforts.


Congratulations, Class of 2016!

We wish the graduating seniors all the best for the next phase of their lives.

endowment returns and sizes

Better Understanding Harvard’s Finances

An analysis of the data shows that advocates for change must be realistic and pragmatic


Social Alternatives

If the administration truly wants to reimagine social life on campus, it will have to recognize that its negative pressure on unrecognized groups alone cannot remake Harvard’s social scene. Students must have real alternatives to their current options.


True Academic Integration

We firmly believe that Harvard students should never have to compromise their academic goals to pursue their extracurricular ones—or their extracurricular goals for their academic ones, for that matter.


Exclusivity in the Comp

While this is a good idea in principle, the UC is not the best organization to lead this effort, because we are skeptical that it would be able to successfully investigate comp processes.


Making Voting Easier

Thanks to the efforts of the New Democracy Coalition and state Representative Evandro C. Carvalho, Massachusetts state legislators have a chance to join their Oregonian and Californian counterparts in making voting easier. It is an opportunity they should take.