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Too Well Endowed?

Congress has no basis for understanding the needs of Harvard and other universities or the intricacies of their budgets.

Undergraduate Council

Continuing the Fight Against Sexual Assault

The Undergraduate Council's plan to mandate sexual assault prevention training for student organizations' executive board members is progress in the fight against sexual assault.


Big Money, Big Power

The Milbank case exemplifies the disruption that can result when corporate contributors become dissatisfied.


Baby Steps

This change is clearly a positive one for students of both GSAS and the College. Since graduate student teaching fellows play such an important role in Harvard's undergraduate experience, dedicating more resources to them is beneficial to the entire academic community.

House Life

Making Student Dining Reasonable

Last year, Harvard’s upperclassman Houses collectively moved to make Thursdays “Community Nights.” These restrictions and others on undergraduate dining are inconvenient and impractical.


Contributions to Political Gridlock

Part of Harvard College’s goal of providing a transformational experience necessitates the broadening of viewpoints that only can occur when students can interact with others of different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.


Hard Alcohol Ban Ill-Advised

While encouraging safer parties is clearly an important goal, we believe that Mather erred in both the conception and implementation of this initiative.


Supporting Freshman Seminars

Freshman seminars received a record number of applications this academic year. The College should continue to invest in the program.


Courses Are Not Corporations

In recent years, professor David J. Malan '99 attempted to trademark aspects of the CS50 brand. Aspirations of franchising a course run counter to a professor's duty as an instructor of a Harvard course.


Building Bridges in Allston

To continue bettering its relations with Allston, the University should increase accessibility to that Harvard-Allston Task Force's meetings.


Criminal Histories and College Applications

If we truly believe that the function of the criminal justice system is rehabilitation—and not simply punishment—we should reflect this attitude in how we perceive and treat those with criminal pasts, especially in the context of education.


A Step Forward Against Sexual Assault

The University is creating a committee of professors and students to review its Title IX policies. This is an important step towards combatting sexual assault.


Making Mental Health Services More Accessible

QuadTalk is an excellent initiative. It acknowledges the potential for substantial unmet need for these mental health services in the Quad, where distance from the main resources on campus could pose a significant obstacle for residents in need of them.

Student Life

On the Fast Track to Better Socializing

If only from a logistical standpoint, Fast Track is a much-needed reinvention of Harvard’s party planning protocol.

House Life

Masterful dialogue

A particular area in which house-centered dialogue would prove fruitful is in a more open discussion of Harvard's often distressing history of exclusion.