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Hearing Those Who Hear Us

We regret that the administration does not provide adequate funds for food and other expenses for some of the students who are most dedicated to the mental health of our campus.

Welcome Class of 2021

Class of 2021, You Are Home

The next four years will be your best. We hope you spend them at Harvard.


North Carolina’s Transgender Population Deserves Equal Protection

While the partial repeal has made it so H.B. 2 is no longer the law of North Carolina, this is not enough.


For a Carbon-Free Future, Divestment is the Wrong Answer

Simply put, it is the supply of and demand for fossil fuels that creates the valuations of energy companies, not the reverse. Divestment has no ability to alter these basic economic realities.


Dean Khurana Can Do Better

The rejection of the First Year Institute is a failure of the College to truly integrate low income students, first generation college students, and students from under-resourced high schools.


Keeping the Rules Committee Accountable

This responsibility is necessary not only when judging when a club is created, but in keeping clubs’ actions and comp processes accountable through their recommendations to administrators.


Expand Campus Access to Feminine Hygiene Products

Like other basic necessities, the financial burden to cover the costs of this program must come under the University’s budget rather than that of the UC’s.


The Athletics-Academics Balance

Academics, social life, and physical and mental health are all critical to formulating the overall liberal arts experience that Harvard seeks to provide to its students. Athletes should not have to compete in an environment where they feel the commitment asked of them is detrimental to any of those aspects of their lives.


Harvard Must Continue Fighting Fake News

As the past election season and misguided comments from our own President demonstrate, there is a need to distinguish between reputable news sources and websites that spew misinformation and conspiracy theories.


In Support of Free Expression on College Campuses

This freedom of expression motion reminds all parties involved that the pursuit of truth is a collaborative one, and that groups with conflicting ideas should seek to understand rather than simply antagonize each other.


The Law School’s Admission Policy Changes Set a Commendable Precedent

As times change, it is good to see policies adapt with them, to better serve hardworking students who require flexibility and diversity of choices and opportunities.

Altered Spring Break Grants

Harvard Should Reconsider Spring Break Dining Options

Students, not the College, are best equipped to buy the food that meets their needs.

Class Length

Harvard's New Schedule Must Work for All Students

While we commend the faculty for updating old scheduling practices to fit this new reality, we hope they will take into consideration how the expanded class day and cookie-cutter class lengths will impact the student body.


Beyond Chaucer, Merits in Implementation Committee’s USGSO Report

We cannot let the minutiae of the Implementation Committee’s report distract us from its more important initiatives.

Honor Council

On Sanctions Enforcement, the Honor Council's Role Requires Clarity

Until more detail is provided by Khurana or the administration, the suggestions of the committee will remain just that: suggestions. Nevertheless, we believe that the committee has identified the correct guiding principle in seeking to enforce the sanctions.