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​An Imperfect Union

Students eligible to vote must also be cognizant of the ways in which the HGSU-UAW would, and would not, be able to influence student life.


Gonzalez and Popovski for UC

The ticket of Eduardo A. Gonzalez ’18 and Alex Popovski ’19, however, stands above the rest.


Elephant and Man at Harvard

The most glaring ideological diversity deficit among undergraduates is the relatively small number of students who identify as conservative.


A Balancing Act

Needless to say, the Council, as well as those involved in further discussions, should be mindful of the attitudes that the people who live and work in the Square have towards its cultural and historical significance.


A Country Ill At Ease

Now that he has been elected president, however, Trump must work to bring the many groups his campaign has derided and insulted into his vision of a strong, united country, while facing the consequences of his unacceptable and demeaning rhetoric.


A Fork in the Road

The two major parties’ candidates offer very different visions for our country, as do lesser-known candidates, so it is incumbent upon voters at Harvard and beyond to research the candidates, evaluate these visions, and cast their ballots.


​Running Toward Challenges

We believe in a University that welcomes, affirms, and supports all of its students. The actions taken by these two men’s athletic teams show that we have much more work to do to reach that point.


Holding Ourselves Accountable

It is disappointing enough that the 2012 men’s soccer team produced such a report. It is even more disappointing, but perhaps not surprising, that the men’s soccer team has continued this tradition of objectifying, belittling, and demeaning their female counterparts.


Vote Yes on Question 2

Much more work is needed to make Massachusetts’ education system truly equitable, but Question 2 addresses a current and pressing need, and deserves passage.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Though we acknowledge that administrators face a thorny task in balancing the requirements of their offices and the interests of students, we believe that they ought to err on the side of accessibility rather than reticence.


A Worthless Gamble

The specificity of this question lives little doubt that it is intended primarily for one very specific private intent.


Striking a Deal

Finally, the strike has come to a close—and, it seems, on HUDS workers’ terms.


The Financial Insecurity Behind Attendance Inflation

We commend the UC’s attempt to obtain more concrete data through this study in order to gauge the size of the discrepancy between actual attendance and projections.


Curtailing Rape Culture at Harvard

This reprehensible practice reflects a culture of male sexual entitlement, where certain norms and expectations lead some to believe that women’s bodies are for their consumption.


End Mandatory Minimums

By giving judges more discretion over mandatory minimums, Massachusetts will be able to move towards both greater racial equality and more enlightened administration of justice