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Further Action is Needed on Ethnic Studies

It is good to see the History & Literature department respecting student perspectives, and this partnership between faculty and students to modernize and broaden scholarship is laudable.


Electrifying Yardfest

For subsequent Yardfests, Harvard should look to not only to bolster its performers but also to give support to the student events that complement the concert.


Feeling the Heat

We should remind ourselves that we have three summers, so spending one at home will not ruin our post-college trajectory. Though it is important to utilize our summers well, Harvard students should do so in whatever way fits our personal goals and future plans.


Leveling the Playing Field for Coaches

Harvard should take steps to close the wage gap and demonstrate that they value their male and female student-athletes equally.


The Right Approach to Support First Generation and Low-Income Students

We appreciate Dean Khurana and Dean Dingman’s commitment to providing resources for post-matriculation support. But we also hope that the bridge program is not forgotten and the dialogue continues, especially so that that pre-matriculation resources may be expanded in the future.


Empowering Extracurriculars

The egregious amount of overlap in the College’s 442 recognized organizations fails to allow the UC to allocate funding as effectively as possible, and this problem can spread student talent and passion about a given issue too thinly. Nonetheless, there are serious flaws in the OSL and UC’s new plan.

Investigation Unit

When Advocacy Becomes Attack

The controversy generated by these flyers has distracted from real cases of deportation and mass incarceration in the United States.

Open Campus Initiative and Free Speech

Moderation Over Censorship

We commend OCI for leaving a positive first impression, but it is crucial to continue to hold free speech accountable through proper moderation and engagement, lest we celebrate regressive speech where we should instead challenge it.


We're Clover It

We acknowledge that there may be parts of the student community that enjoy eating at Clover, but the niche vegetarian chain likely does not represent the preferences of the student body as a whole.


Adieu, Harvard Time

Although we are sad to see a tradition so fundamentally “Harvard” be replaced, we are glad the College is testing out the new schedule before the Allston campus opens. This will leave time for changes and feedback, especially when the schedule is reevaluated in 2019.


Bridging the Gap

Measures like the UC’​s will hopefully improve the ability of student groups to provide resources, but the best and most comprehensive option remains, as we have said before, a summer bridge program for low-income and first-generation students.


Fair Harvard, We Revise Thy Jubilee Throng

While we support the effort and intention behind this well-meaning effort, we do not view the lyrics revision as helpful or useful in working towards greater inclusivity.

AEPi Gender-Neutral

AEPi Was Right to Go Gender Neutral

We believe that Eta Psi’s example proves that it is possible for a social organization to open its doors to other genders without losing its essential values—in fact, such a decision may enhance important values of respect, diversity, and community.


Hearing Those Who Hear Us

We regret that the administration does not provide adequate funds for food and other expenses for some of the students who are most dedicated to the mental health of our campus.

Welcome Class of 2021

Class of 2021, You Are Home

The next four years will be your best. We hope you spend them at Harvard.