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Presidential Search Diversity

Expanding The Search

The search committee’s first priority must be the qualifications of the candidate. Broadening the search to untraditional places, however, may indeed provide a more competitive pool.

Endowment Returns

High Hopes for Higher Returns

We remain cautiously optimistic about the state of Harvard’s financial returns and anxiously await continued improvement.


Preventable Probation

Although Harvard students are extremely busy, we do believe that each group could have found at least one student leader with an open slot on their calendar four months later.


A Question of Marginal Utility

We urge the Ec10 staff to make an effort to lower their costs​—indeed remembering the very lessons taught in their course.


One and Done

Harvard should seek to be a bastion of redemptive justice, rather than overstep its boundaries as an academic institution by making paternalistic decisions.


Pleasing the Crowd

The Kennedy School has helped demonstrate that public opinion and optics outweigh a commitment to open intellectual inquiry and diverse, critical academic discourse.


A Favorable Reaction

The flexibility of the new grading scheme will therefore empower students to concentrate on their comprehension of the material—the crux of education at a liberal arts college such as Harvard.

Baby Steps

A Baby Step

Harvard must ensure that all of its graduate students have access to affordable, comprehensive childcare. While the subsidization of care through Care.com will not fully solve this aspect of this problem, it’s a baby step in the right direction.


If Betsy DeVos Won’t Do It, Harvard Must

Harvard must combat the narrative of DeVos’s decision—automatically doubting survivors’ allegations of sexual assault—and, instead, fully attend to students involved in sexual harassment cases.


The Time to Act is Now

Members of our community, and this country, who are being impacted by these nearsighted immigration policies deserve to be fought for. The time to act is now.


Looking Back on the Faust Years

University President Drew G. Faust has undoubtedly strengthened the University.


The Right to Be Right

OCI can bill themselves as a conservative speakers club or club testing the limits of speech, but not both.


Coding Better Conduct

As it is never straightforward for such a large class to change from year to year, we commend CS50’​s responsiveness to recent events.


A Tale of Two Final Clubs

Final clubs must do more to fix their imbalances of power and not merely pay lip-service by going co-ed to address the sanctions. Gender is not the only way in which these groups discriminate.

DACA Illustration

Harvard Must Remain Committed to Undocumented Students

Undocumented students are a critical part of this nation’s fabric, and Harvard has a responsibility to continue their work in making that clear—to those on campus, to those across the nation, and to those with the power to effect change.