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Silent Screams

When conservatives speak of a wall or tougher migration policies, I’m shocked by their ignorance. Then again, when my liberal friends speak of reforming migration policy and amnesty, I’m also dumbfounded.


A Game to Some

The constant pressure to seem all-knowing discourages students from admitting ignorance. When asked about foreign policy conundrums, students defer to oversimplified, partisan answers rather than admit a lack of knowledge.


So Much for Cover

When walking into class in uniform, I feel like I’m on trial. The atmosphere becomes tense; people look at me as if I’m spearheading some sort of military takeover of Harvard.


Cadet Land

On one hand, those in uniform often think of us as pampered students. Aside from the occasional weekend in the woods, we only train every other day. Meanwhile, active duty personnel find themselves immersed in a military environment 24/7. Our student counterparts, on the other hand, think we’re full-time soldiers.