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Honor Code
Student Life

Honor Council 2.0?

Two years in, some are questioning the Honor Council's role—and whether it can fulfill it.

Co-Ed Graphic
Student Groups

Coping with Co-Ed

With a push for gender-netural social clubs on campus, some students and administrators are finding the shift less than simple.

College Administration

College Mourns the Loss of Dunster Faculty Dean Ann Porter

Ann R. Porter, the Faculty Dean of Dunster House for the past 16 years, died peacefully Wednesday morning after her battle with breast cancer had accelerated unexpectedly.

Alicia Oeser

OSAPR Director to Leave Harvard for UCLA

Alicia Oeser leaves after roughly three years at the head of OSAPR. No replacement has so far been announced.

CS50 Office Hours in Widener

For Some in CS50, Collaboration Policy Was Too Vague

Former students and course staff said course policy was unclear about what constituted cheating, creating the potential for unintentional violations.

Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams to Leave Institute of Politics

After three years as Director of the Institute of Politics, Maggie Williams will step down from the role and leave the IOP at the end of this semester.

General Education Updates

College Announces New Mather, Dunster Faculty Deans

​Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana unveiled the next Faculty Deans for both Dunster and Mather House in an email Tuesday.

Classroom to Table

Classroom to Table Program Halts for Semester After Reaching Budget Limit

​Classroom to Table, a popular program which provides students and faculty money to dine in Harvard Square, has recently run out of funds for the semester.

University Hall

Diversity Director Loc Truong to Leave Harvard for MIT

​Loc Truong, the College’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs, is stepping down from the role for a job at MIT after 13 years at Harvard.

Dorm Crew
College Life

Dorm Crew Adds Transition Advising Amid Calls for Low-Income 'Bridge' Program

Harvard Dorm Crew plans to shorten its work day and include extra advising sessions in its Fall Clean-Up schedule next semester.

Mask of Compassion

Drawing Criticism, Jordan Peterson Lectures at ‘Free Speech’ Initiative

Amid silent protest, Jordan B. Peterson, a psychology professor who has drawn criticism for his stances on gender identity, spoke in the Science Center at an event hosted by the newly formed Open Campus Initiative Monday evening.

Conor Healy

With Provocative Speakers, New Group Aims to ‘Test’ Free Speech Values

A new undergraduate group has vowed to “test” the limits of free speech at Harvard and invite what some say are hateful speakers to campus.

AEPI Passover Seder

Alpha Epsilon Pi to Go Gender Neutral

​Members of the Harvard chapter of national fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi will disaffiliate from the organization and form a new, gender neutral social group

Adams K Space
House Life

As College Brings Social Life to Houses, Single-Gender Groups Tag Along

As Harvard aims to reinvigorate social life in undergraduate Houses, the very off-campus groups whose influence the College hopes to minimize have started taking advantage of the relaxed rule​s for hosting events in common spaces.

The Clubhouse of the Fly

News Analysis: With Sanctions Goal, Admins Shift from Sexual Assault Prevention

Administrators have shifted their focus from sexual assault to gender exclusivity as a rationale for their unprecedented involvement in undergraduate social life.