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Ruben E. Reyes Jr.

Ruben E. Reyes Jr. '19 is a current Editorial Chair and Editorial Writer living in Leverett House. He studies History and Literature, and is originally from Diamond Bar, California. His interests include United States politics, race, structural inequity, and pop culture.

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​When Dreams Aren’t Enough

As an institution that places so much weight on where we will be post-graduation, and the ways we will choose, as alumni, to shape the world, Harvard is committing a disservice by ignoring the reality that not all students feel entitled to make the jump into a world of suits, high heels, social capital, and class.

Labor Column

El Pueblo Unido

I wondered if that girl would have sung a different tune if she could see her community reflected in the brown hands roughened from serving the privileged students at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


Don't Close the Borderlands

The subtlety of this truth, of the lie that we don’t belong, is gone. People will say to our faces that our immigrant narratives, our lives on the borderlands, and our melanin are now worth questioning.


Masculinity Kills

A lifetime of unchallenged masculinity, nearly identical to yours, propelled the bullets that cut into the flesh of her stomach and then her head. It allowed the killer to say that “it was easy to kill.”


Dissent: ​Undocumented Students Deserve Better

Those students who are already vocal about their status can be traced through coverage they have received in the media, and the declaration of Harvard as a sanctuary campus will only reassure them of the University's commitment to them.


Whose Harvard?

A broken promise is seeing through the smoke screen of admissions pamphlets, looking at your browness in a mirror, and wondering whose Harvard you’ve been admitted into.


This Is My Country, Too

We will write. We will fight. We will protest. We will remind them that this is our country, too.


Dance for Me

We can be seen for our beauty, our sexuality, but to open our mouths and demand for change is impossible.


​I Ain’t Your Teacher

R: Feed me a diverse curriculum, please. Z: I can’t describe the unimaginable feeling of validation that would come from seeing the narrative of our community gracing the pages of syllabi and being discussed in section.


Don’t Diss Ability

It turns out that the reason that people with IDD are not hired is not because they lack ability, but because people assume they lack ability.


​Querida Familia

Latinidad is partially about the way we view ourselves and the way we view others in our community, but it is also about the way the world views us.


Let Me Fail

Latinx students have to be excellent, because we are few and far between and represent communities whose majorities are barred from these institutions.


Latinos for Trump

When Latinos are granted equal access into the process, these perspectives can thrive and both parties can begin to see us as not just Latinos for Trump, or Latinos for Clinton, but rather Latinos for Democracy and Latinos for America.​


The Language of Academia

While we fight to make the language of academia equitable for everyone, we must keep reading, writing, and thriving in the languages we already own.​


Black and Brown Bodies

Black lives matter and until people begin to realize that, I will stand by you to form a resilient, indestructible wall of black and brown bodies.