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Ruben E. Reyes Jr.

Ruben E. Reyes Jr. '19 is a current Editorial Chair and Editorial Writer living in Leverett House. He studies History and Literature, and is originally from Diamond Bar, California. His interests include United States politics, race, structural inequity, and pop culture.

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"I Should Have Gone to Stanford" Illustration

“I Should Have Gone to Stanford”

The systemic marginalization of Latinx students is a central, albeit forgotten, part of Harvard’s history. The University must take concrete steps to make their experience more equitable.


Not Latinx Enough

Those that seek to police or undermine this must be ignored because a Latinx identity is not something that fits into a box or a neat list of descriptors.


Check Your Allyship

Allies are cowards if they aren’t willing to risk just a sliver of what undocumented activists risk everyday to defend their humanity.


Forgotten El Salvador, Again

When I spilled milk as a child, my mother made me clean it up. But apparently if it’s blood—and you’re the United States—it becomes someone else’s responsibility.


Welcome to the Harvard Familia

This Fuerza Latinx is noticeable among our community that has people helping out their families back home, fighting for social change, pursuing medical careers, doing original research, learning how to write music, and so much more.


Laughing to End White Supremacy

Candid discussions about race are criticized as “militant” and off-putting. Explaining our lived realities, frankly and sugarcoat-free, can be polarizing.


White Friends

Having white friends, as a person of color, can be exhausting. It’s much easier to make friends with other people of color who already understand the way the world pushes against you because of the melanin you carry in your skin.

Performative Progressives Illustration

Performative Progressives

The political movement for equality has slowly transformed itself into an aesthetic that allows people to be progressive on paper while upholding the status quo in person.

Despacito Illustration

Progress is Happening Too Despacito

Racial discrimination still hinders progress, and the success of Latinos in the music industry shouldn’t deceive us into complacency.

Reality TV Illustration

The Reality of Racism

For too many people, racial violence is not relegated to the news or movies. It takes their neighbors, draws blood, and rips apart communities.

Island Girl Illustration

Fantasizing About an Island Girl

Listeners engage with the music on the shallowest level, putting it on summer playlists and ignoring its bloody roots: 15 million enslaved black people, blood shed harvesting sugar cane, countless deaths.


Can Nicki Minaj Save the American Dream?

There’s no one better than someone who has lived in poverty to critically, and empathetically, tackle the issue.


America’s Most Important Leading Man

When someone claims that they’re “just not attracted to Asian men,” it isn’t a matter of preference. It’s an example of the way Americans reinforce systems of oppression on an individual level.


DAMN. and the Consumption of Black Art

So don’t consume black art born of black grief without being down for the cause.


​Navigating Járvar University

I am tired of being overcome with emotion when, yet again, the administration refuses to acknowledge that my experiences are different because I come from an intersectionally marginalized background, and that no, we are not all homogenous privileged Harvard students.