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Politicians, Experts Optimistic About Local Autonomous Vehicles Testing

Executive orders from the Massachusetts and Boston city governments allowing and regulating autonomous vehicle testing in state could ultimately improve road safety, experts say.

Student Groups

HLS Panel Explores the Future Frontiers of Space Governance

Representatives from NASA, Space Systems Loral, and SpaceX discussed the future of laws governing outer space during a panel at the Law School Wednesday.

Faculty Deans Provide Food

College Allocates Extra Funding for House Events During Strike

Concerned by the dining hall worker strike’s impact on House life, Faculty Deans and House committees are hosting food and community events for students.


Nonprofit Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Grammy-Winning Musician

Latin Grammy award-winning pianist Gabriela Montero fused art and politics at a 50th anniversary celebration Monday for Laspau, a Harvard-affiliated nonprofit that promotes higher education in the Americas.

On Campus

Fleck and Wooten Tear Up Sanders

Stevie Wonder tunes, Latin dances, and jazzy melodies reverberated through Sanders Theatre among snaps and nodding heads as Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten strummed away on Saturday night.

Haters Back Off

Preview: ‘Haters [Getting Ready to] Back Off’

Miranda Sings has captured the hearts and laughs of audiences worldwide. The YouTube channel featuring Colleen Ballinger’s idiosyncratic character has attracted over 1.1 billion views and 7 million subscribers as of this month.

Harvard Law School

HLS Graduate Explores Discriminatory History Of Popularly Cited Legal Terms

Kendra K. Albert, an affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, urged audience members to examine critically the use of legal terminology in casual settings outside the court of law.

Harvard Kennedy School

Two HKS Students Call for Greater Civic Engagment

Two Kennedy School of Government students advocated for more innovations aimed at engaging the public in local politics and shared their experiences working at the municipal level Friday afternoon.

Leo B. Birenberg

Artist Spotlight: Leo B. Birenberg

The Harvard Crimson interviews acclaimed composer Leo B. Birenberg, who scores for film and television.


‘Carmen’ (with Selfies) Brings Opera Back to Opera House

Traditionalists may say that Carmen needs no modernization, but if anything were to revive opera in the Boston Opera House, this would be it.​


Students Welcome New Cambridge Bike Safety Resolutions

According to a trio of resolutions passed by the City Council last week, the Cambridge City Manager’s office will work with local universities to disseminate information about bike laws and safety to all new residents.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Harvard Humanist Hub Reads Harry Potter Like the Bible

Harry Potter may not be divinely inspired, but for a group of Harvard students and Cambridge residents, that has not stopped them from treating it like the bible.

Lighthouse Keepers
On Campus

Portrait of an Artist: The Lighthouse Keepers

The first few weeks of school are always buzzing on campus, and Harvard’s indie folk-inspired quintet the Lighthouse Keepers has contributed to the excitement this fall. Consisting of Abby L. Westover ’17, Ella M. Duncan ’17, Colby S. Knight ’17, Aidan R. Chavez ’18, and Matt Matsudaira ’17, the band published a single, “In a Moment,” on Sept. 3