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Candidate Salary Comparisons
Presidential Search

Candidate Salary Comparisons

Candidate Salary Comparisons

Drew Faust

For Likely Candidates, Harvard’s Top Job Would Bring Pay Raise

Faust’s successor could expect to make over $1.4 million annually—a pay raise for candidates likely on the shortlist.

Salaries of Ivy Presidents

Faculty Retention

Internal Report Shows Poor Retention for Harvard Women in STEM

The report claims the retention rate for female faculty in STEM departments at the University is almost 20 percent lower than the retention rate for male faculty since 2000.

Harvard Fan

Heightened Security Measures Complicate Harvard-Yale Tailgates

Security measures at the Yale Bowl created long lines, choking off attendance at tailgates and the game before Yale officials ultimately relented on the stricter measures.

Dean Dingman at Convocation
College Administration

Dingman to Step Down at End of Academic Year

​Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman ’67 will step down at the end of the academic year after 13 years in the position and 45 years at Harvard.

Bliss App

Students Launch App for Mental Health Resources

Two students have launched “Bliss: Harvard Mental Health,” a mobile app compiling dozens of mental health resources on campus.

Brand Illustration Web

Cashing In On Crimson

From nonprofit workshops to lucrative college consulting businesses, here's the story of how organizations leverage the Harvard brand to advance their interests.

Humanities Concentration Graph
Front Middle Feature

How Student Concentrations Are Changing at Harvard

​With the deadline for sophomores to declare their fields of study fast approaching, The Crimson analyzed nine years of data to find out which concentrations are growing, which are shrinking, and which are holding steady.

Concentration Data

Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Square Property Values Nearly Doubled in Last Five Years

The rise in appraised property values provides a window into the economic forces reshaping Harvard Square.

President Finance Credit Card

Too Harvard To Fail

As Faust’s tenure draws to a close, some donors, alumni, and industry experts say Harvard should choose a leader with a healthy Rolodex and financial acumen.

Indigo Peer Counseling
Student Life

Indigo Peer Counseling Reopens Doors

Launched in spring 2016, Indigo specializes in counseling on issues related to race, class, and first generation status.