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Vigil for Houston
Student Life

As Harvey Hits Texas, Harvard Students Fundraise, Recover

“Once the news stops covering it, people forget about it. But it’s not over,” one Texan student said of the hurricane.

Student Life

Engineering Harvard

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may be creating an entirely new kind of Harvard student—one more focused on problem sets than parties and extracurriculars.

Falling Money
University Finances

After the Capital Campaign

Though Harvard's capital campaign is scheduled to end next year, some say the money will not—and cannot—stop pouring in.

Rudenstine Pop Art
University News

A Mild-Mannered Man: President Rudenstine’s First Year

​“He’s in the crowd, but you can’t pick him out,” a 1991 article said of Harvard’s newly-elected President Neil L. Rudenstine. “He doesn’t look like a Harvard president.”

Student Groups

Student Liaisons Host First-Ever Mental Health Week

In the midst of a hectic reading period, students took a break from cramming for finals by attending mental health-themed events as part of Mental Health Week.

Indigo Peer Counseling

Indigo Peer Counseling To Return in Fall 2017

After not offering counseling services for a year, Indigo Peer Counseling announced that it will once again provide counseling in the fall 2017 semester.

Tiësto at Yardfest

Tiësto Draws Hundreds to Yardfest Amid Rain and Mud

Some students unfamiliar with Tiësto before the concert still screamed every time the bass dropped or a blast of smoke blew across the stage.

Mather House

Tuberculosis Suspect Case Released, No Other Cases Found

A Mather House resident suspected of having tuberculosis has been released from self-isolation after two weeks.


Sexual Health Groups Kick Off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

More than 100 students flocked to Boylston Hall for sexual health-themed activities evening as part of a kick-off event for sexual assault awareness month.

Mather House
Student Life

After Possible Tuberculosis Infection, Health Officials Investigate Mather House

Although tuberculosis is spread airborne, Barreira’s email stressed that the disease is not highly contagious.


Feel Good Society Looks to Increase Mental Health Awareness

A student run-health group dubbed the “Feel Good Society” has begun hosting weekly meetings in an effort to improve mental health for students at the College.

SHARC Office Hours

After Sexual Health Survey, SHARC Shifts Focus from Counseling to Education

After a survey found high rates of unprotected sex among undergraduates, SHARC is shifting its focus from peer counseling to peer education.


Students Hope for 'Sustainable Change' at Ivy Mental Health Conference

​Delegates from Harvard discussed the College’s mental health resources at the second-ever Ivy League Mental Health Conference.


Most Harvard Students 'Insulated' from Potential Obamacare Repeal

“Your student health fee pays for the care that you get here and for most of the health care you get,” Barreira said. “The Affordable Care Act wouldn’t change that.”

Paul J. Barreira

One Year After Initial Outbreak, Confirmed Mumps Cases Gone From Harvard

​About a year after mumps first arrived on campus, there are no confirmed cases of the virus currently at the University.