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Bacow 7 hugging Drew Faust
Front Middle Feature

With Presidential Transition Underway, Bacow Learning the Ropes

“President-elect Bacow is living in a different state at the moment and coming in for bits and pieces of time and trying to use those bits of time efficiently,” Faust said.

Lawrence Bacow
Central Administration

Bacow Inauguration Set for October

Lawrence S. Bacow, Harvard’s 29th president, will be inaugurated into his new role in a ceremony filled with centuries-old traditions on Oct 5.

Drew Faust at IOP
Central Administration

Faust Says Admins Unaware of Dominguez’s Alleged Harassment

Faust “did not know” about the decades of sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by Gov Professor Jorge I. Dominguez after he was punished for harassment in the 1980s.

Drew G. Faust
University Finances

Faust Joins 48 Higher Ed Leaders Seeking Endowment Tax Repeal

President Faust joined 48 other university leaders in penning a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday to object to the recently passed endowment returns tax.

University Hall, Fall 2017

News Analysis: Univ. May Pursue Title IX Inquiry into Dominguez

Harvard is launching an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Government Prof. Dominguez—an inquiry that may take shape as a Title IX investigation.

Massachusetts Hall, Fall 2017

In Wake of Dominguez Allegations, Harvard Asks Affiliates to Come Forward

Harvard is asking affiliates who have experienced “inappropriate behavior” to come forward after new sexual misconduct allegations against Gov. Professor Dominguez.

Bacow 7 hugging Drew Faust
Central Administration

Under Bacow, Likely Administrative Turnover

When Lawrence S. Bacow becomes Harvard’s 29th president this summer, he will quickly take over the role of appointing administrators to fill vacant positions.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
University Finances

Faust Shares Goals for Final Months of Capital Campaign

University President Drew G. Faust said financial aid fundraising is still a significant priority for campaign organizers.

Presidents Past and Future
Central Administration

Preparing to Vacate Mass. Hall, Faust Promises A Smooth Hand-off

Faust will wrap up several initiatives from her presidency over the next few months while Bacow learns the ropes of the top job.


Harvard Deans Congratulate New Boss

From community messages to personal statements, Harvard’s deans eagerly expressed their enthusiasm about their new boss.

Central Administration

The Bacow Era Begins

Lawrence S. Bacow will become the 29th president of the country’s oldest University at a time when higher education is under siege.

A Woman At The Top
Central Administration

The Woman President

“I wanted to be the president of Harvard, but I recognized that there was this kind of parallel track where I was being the woman president of Harvard in a way that mattered," University President Drew G. Faust said.

Faust at the Economic Club
Drew Faust

University Aims to be Fossil Fuel-Free by 2050

Faust wrote that the “ambitious climate goals” set by the University come in response to the risks of climate change on the health of humanity and the planet.

Yidan Visits
Drew Faust

Tencent Co-Founder and Education Prize Winners Visit Ed School

Charles Chen Yidan, a co-founder of Tencent,visited the Harvard Graduate School of Education this week for a conference showcasing the work of the 2017 recipients of his award for education innovators.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
Central Administration

Feds Investigate Harvard's Response to Sexual Assault Complaint

​The federal government launched an investigation into Harvard in 2016 for allegedly failing to respond “promptly and equitably” to a sexual assault complaint at the College.