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Smith Campus Center Furniture Superlatives

Are you frustrated by Harvard’s administration and looking to make a difference? Are you tired of being ignored? Well, turns out there is a way to make your voice heard on the most pressing issue on campus today. Between October 11th and tomorrow, October 21st, the Smith Campus Center is showcasing their furniture options and asking for feedback. Bonus: they’re giving away pizza and salad!

Inelastic Demand

If Your $132 Didn't Go to Mankiw

Ec 10a now requires that students buy a new loose-leaf course pack for a whopping $132, a change that the course head and textbook author N. Gregory Mankiw stands by. You could be glad you didn’t enroll, or holding back tears because you did; either way, we at Flyby have a carefully curated selection of objectively better things you could’ve spent that cash money on.