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Justus E. Uwayesu (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting

Justus E. Uwayesu

He recalls casting lines and waiting for hours, sometimes without a single catch.

Chemical Compounds

The Bitter Pill: Harvard and the Dark History of Birth Control

In the 1950s, two Harvard professors tested the birth control pill on mentally ill Massachusetts women and low-income Puerto Rican women, raising questions about research practices at Harvard and beyond.

Jack Kerouac waits for the the Quad Shuttle.
On Campus

Jack Kerouac Takes the Quad Shuttle

The doors squealed open and we bounced in a jiffy onto the 5 p.m. Crimson Cruiser, pulling ole Bull in behind us just as everyone was tooting to go.

Professor Steven C. Wofsy

Steven C. Wofsy

Wofsy and his team maintain a worldwide network of ground and airborne instruments dedicated to monitoring changes in the climate and the atmosphere. They are currently preparing to fly 70,000 km in order to measure pollution in the remotest areas of the world. ​

This Is What I Imagine Alabama Looks Like

Being Still

Moments became unspindled, blown open by the rush of activity, and, as I stepped into my first semester, I was swept into an insidious cycle of busyness.

Drew Bikes
Student Life

Yeah, I Ride My Bike Through Harvard Yard

The air feels so much more viscous at that velocity, and you bet your ass I don’t wear a helmet.

Dick Clark

Why Didn't I Know Dick Clark Was Dead?

Don’t they understand that Dick Clark Productions is all we have left? That Ryan Seacrest is all there is? That all that awaits America is death and economic decline?

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle
Harvard Medical School

​‘Not Just a Number’: Mental Health at Harvard Medical School

At the Medical School, problems with mental health are not unusual. In a March 2016 survey conducted by Medical School students, 20 percent of third-year respondents said they had experienced either suicidal or self-harming desires within the last two weeks. Third-year students face extra stressors: They begin clinical rotations, facing long shifts in a difficult environment.

Housing Day
Housing Day

FM Imagines: Holden Caulfield on Housing Day

That’s the whole trouble with the whole stupid housing thing. You can’t ever find people who aren’t phonies. They bicker about the goddam group name or something, or want to block with Alexander, just about the biggest bastard that ever lived in the whole crumby history of the world.


Becoming Jared Kushner

Although it is difficult to determine the structure of private corporations like Kushner Companies, mortgage documents obtained by The Crimson indicate that Jared Kushner was vice president of 10 corporations as an undergrad, each of which operated as a part of Kushner Companies.

Dean Khurana, Egg Frittata, and Steamy Sauna

Dean Khurana, Egg Frittata, and Steamy Sauna

General Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram: Dean Khurana, Egg Frittata, Steamy Sauna

Dean Khurana, Egg Frittata, Steamy Sauna

Artificial intelligence.
Harvard Law School

Get Smart: The Berkman Klein Center Takes On Artificial Intelligence

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School will be working with the MIT Media Lab, the Knight Foundation, and others to start the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, which will support interdisciplinary research on bias and ethics in AI.

Andover Hall on a Snowy Day

The New Gods: Reforging Harvard Divinity School

From the magazine: Just past its 200th year, the Divinity School must now grapple with questions of identity as its faculty and student body move ever further from its original Christian purpose.

Constance Applebee, 1903
Field Hockey

'Ladies Armed with Clubs'

Field hockey in the United States began with Constance Applebee, an Englishwoman who taught Harvard students the game—and called them "one-legged turnips."