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Dean Khurana

College Admins Working with Gov. Dept. to Respond to Dominguez Allegations

The accusations have sparked turmoil on Harvard’s campus, prompting administrators to put Jorge I. Dominguez on “leave.”

Harvard College Faith and Action
Student Life

Students Campaign via Email for Harsher Penalties for HCFA

Some College students are organizing an email campaign to urge the OSL to more harshly punish Harvard College Faith and Action.

First CS50 Lecture

CS50 Changes Cheating Reporting, Adds ‘Academic Integrity Fellow’

​Staff for CS50 have changed the way they report academic dishonesty cases to the Honor Council roughly a year after a wave of cheating swept the class.


UC Finance Committee Recommends Legislation to Ban Funding for HCFA

The UC finance committee voted to recommend legislation that would bar religious group Harvard College Faith and Action from all Council funding.

HCFA Building
Undergraduate Council

For HCFA, Probation to Have Little Immediate Practical Effect

Harvard College Faith and Action will not lose the ability to book rooms, recruit students, or receive Undergraduate Council funding as part of its year-long probation.

A Recurring Fight

College Cancels ‘Bridge’ Program For All-Female Social Groups

The College canceled a proposed “bridge” program that would have allowed traditionally all-female final clubs and sororities a longer period of time to go gender-neutral.

University Hall

Ad Board Will Enforce Sanctions Under College's Final Plan

The Administrative Board will enforce the College’s penalties on members of single-gender social groups, the College announced Thursday as part of its long-anticipated final implementation plan for its controversial social life policy.

Capitol Building

Final Club Grad Members Lobby Congress to Cancel Sanctions

The final club alumni hope to re-work the language of the law so it endangers the College’s social group penalties.

UC Meeting on HCFA

UC Condemns HCFA, Debates Whether to Host Group Leaders

The Undergraduate Council passed a resolution denouncing the actions of religious group HCFA and affirming its support for the BGLTQ community Sunday.

Faith and Action Building

HCFA Must Cut Ties to ‘Parent Ministry’ to Regain Recognition

Harvard College Faith and Action will need to sever ties with parent group Christian Union in order to re-earn recognition from the College at the end of its year-long administrative probation.

Harvard College Faith and Action

College Places HCFA On ‘Probation’ After Group Barred Student in Same-Sex Relationship from Leadership

​The College has placed Harvard College Faith and Action on “administrative probation” for a year after the organization pressured a female member of its student leadership to resign in September following her decision to date a woman.

Steering Committee Discusses FOP's Future

Student Groups Release Sanctions Guidelines Pre-Enforcement Plan

Some College-run advising and mentorship programs tailored to freshmen recently published guidelines outlining how they may be affected by the College’s sanctions.

The First Speech

Undergraduates Ponder No. 29

Harvard undergrads hurriedly googled the words “Lawrence Bacow” and scoured his Wikipedia page for answers.

Loeb House

Hiding in Plain Sight

Harvard’s soon-to-be 29th president strolled into Loeb House the morning of his confirmation unnoticed and under the radar.

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana
Student Groups

Khurana Says Pudding Co-ed Move Came at ‘Right Time’

​Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana applauded the Hasty Pudding Theatricals for its decision to cast women starting fall 2018, noting the move came at the “right time.”