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Near the River

College Student Assaulted While Running Along the River

​The Massachusetts State Police are actively investigating the assault of a Harvard College student that occurred late Tuesday night on Memorial Drive near Western Avenue.


27 Rapes, 70 Burglaries Reported at Harvard in 2016

The decrease in reported rapes came with an increase in non-consensual fondling reports, which grew from six to 11 cases in 2016.

Straus Hall

Three Laptops, Wallet Lifted From Dorms Over Weekend

The Yard and Quad saw three separate laptop thefts from first-floor student rooms over the weekend, including one in which the burglarized suite was occupied at the time.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Harvard Will Accept Fewer Students in Class of 2022

After an unusually large freshman class this year, Harvard College will accept fewer students into the Class of 2022 in hopes of admitting more students off the waitlist.


Harvard Officials Receive Non-Credible Bomb Threats

​Several University officials received emailed bomb threats Wednesday afternoon, though HUPD says they are not credible and no buildings have been evacuated.

bike theft

Bicycle Thefts Increase as Students Return to Campus

Since the first freshmen arrived on campus for pre-orientation programs on August 15, the Harvard University Police Department has recorded 17 bike thefts or attempted bike thefts.


Boston Man Charged in Square Stabbings

​The Boston Police Department has arrested a suspect in connection with two stabbings that occurred in Harvard Square last Saturday night.

Cambridge Police

Cambridge Police Investigating Shootings Near Central Square

The victims, two men, sustained nonfatal injuries and were provided treatment at local hospitals. One was wounded in the knee and the other sustained a gunshot to the hand.

Take A Walk

Police Investigating Two Harvard Square Assaults

Police are investigating two related assaults that occurred Saturday night near John F. Kennedy Park and the Kennedy School of Government.


Court Rejects Harvard's Dismissal of Admissions Lawsuit

A federal court rejected Harvard’s motion to dismiss an ongoing lawsuit accusing the College of race-based discrimination against Asian Americans in its admissions practices.

Student Life

Engineering Harvard

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences may be creating an entirely new kind of Harvard student—one more focused on problem sets than parties and extracurriculars.

Free Speech at Harvard

A War of Words?

As debates over free speech roil campuses nationwide, many say Harvard has been comparatively—if not entirely—quiet.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Harvard's Goaltender: William R. Fitzsimmons '67

Now Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 still holds his college hockey record and has surely not forgotten his days in the College.

Boston Latin School

Boston Latin Must Participate in Admissions Lawsuit, Court Rules

Boston Latin School will have to turn over documents relevant to an ongoing lawsuit accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian American applicants after a court partially denied Boston Latin School’s request to stay out of the lawsuit Tuesday.

Dean Fitzsimmons

Record-High 84 Percent of Admitted Students Will Join Class of 2021

​Roughly 84 percent of students invited to join the Class of 2021 accepted their offer, a marked uptick from the Class of 2020’s 80 percent yield rate last year and the highest yield rate in decades.