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Faculty Retention

Internal Report Shows Poor Retention for Harvard Women in STEM

The report claims the retention rate for female faculty in STEM departments at the University is almost 20 percent lower than the retention rate for male faculty since 2000.

Harvard Fan

Heightened Security Measures Complicate Harvard-Yale Tailgates

Security measures at the Yale Bowl created long lines, choking off attendance at tailgates and the game before Yale officials ultimately relented on the stricter measures.

Bliss App

Students Launch App for Mental Health Resources

Two students have launched “Bliss: Harvard Mental Health,” a mobile app compiling dozens of mental health resources on campus.

Brand Illustration Web

Cashing In On Crimson

From nonprofit workshops to lucrative college consulting businesses, here's the story of how organizations leverage the Harvard brand to advance their interests.

On Campus

Alumnus Donates Dutch Old Master Drawings to Harvard Art Museums

Donated by alumnus George S. Abrams ’54, the collection of 330 drawings span two centuries and represent over 125 artists.

Faust at the Economic Club
Central Administration

Harvard Signs Letter Urging Legislative Support for 'Dreamers'

The letter claimed that universities were “ready to work with Congress in a bipartisan manner” to protect undocumented students.

Harvard to the Hill

John Harvard Goes to Washington

Come June, Faust's successor will need to continue to advocate for American higher education on a national stage.

Indigo Peer Counseling
Student Life

Indigo Peer Counseling Reopens Doors

Launched in spring 2016, Indigo specializes in counseling on issues related to race, class, and first generation status.

Student Groups

In Aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican Students Regroup, Fundraise

As Hurricane Maria crashed into Puerto Rico on the morning of Sept. 20, Agustin A. Rodriguez Lopez ’19 could only group together with other Puerto Rican students and wait.

Federal State Relations

Faust Opposes Military Transgender Ban in Letter to Mattis

University President Drew G. Faust wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis last week urging him to allow transgender individuals to serve in the military.


HUHS to Offer Remote Counseling Services Through iHope

Harvard University Health Services may refer students to remote counseling through a partnership with telemedicine company iHope Network.

Winthrop's Renovations
House Life

Winthrop Fixes Swipe Restrictions for Non-Residents

After Winthrop reopened for the school year, some non-residents found themselves unable to swipe into certain areas of the building where students live.

Student Life

New Fitness Group Offers Discounted Classes

In addition to on-campus gymnasiums like Hemenway and the Malkin Athletic Center, Harvard students now have the option to join peers in regular outings to luxury fitness studios around Cambridge.

Currier House

Isolated Cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Confirmed on Campus

The viral illness, usually contracted by infants and young children, can result in mouth sores and skin rashes.

Harvard Art Museums
Visual Arts

Art Rental Program Lowers Fees, Draws Students

As students put the finishing touches on their dorms, the Harvard Art Museums are offering an opportunity to supplement posters and string lights with original artwork.