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Claire N. Park

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'Ramen Heads' still

‘Ramen Heads’ a Mostly Delectable Helping

Ramen chefs, poised mere feet away from their customers, are generous stewards of a hallowed, religiously meditative experience

'The Feels' still

‘The Feels’ Unfortunately Unfeeling

“The Feels” hashes out Lu’s orgasm issue and all its attendant compatibility questions too easily at the end, in a way that undermines the entire film’s dramatic project.

'Isle of Dogs' still

‘Isle of Dogs’ Fully Deserving of Puppy Snaps

'Isle of Dogs' is a wondrous fantasia of art.

'Nostalgia' still

‘Nostalgia’ Drowns in Sentimentality

The film hinges on a theoretically profound, yet practically cringeworthy, question: “Can what we hold in our hands be the same as what we hold in our hearts?” (The answer: Obviously.)

Thoroughbreds Still

‘Thoroughbreds’ Wonderfully Disquieting

​In the imperfectly perfect world of Connecticut royalty, even lawn mowers bleat eerily.

Around Town

Tatte Bakery & Café's Elevated Classics

The pastry selection displays a unique variation that can make the uninitiated feel hopelessly provincial.