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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Promotes Book in Boston

Elizabeth Warren portrayed the situation as a call to action on the part of everyday citizens. “This book is written as an act of optimism,” she said. “This book is about how we get in the fight, and how we’re effective in the fight.”

In The Heights

Salsa, Sparks, and Song: TEATRO!’s ‘In the Heights’

“In the Heights” soared to new levels of theatrical achievement, showcasing student excellence in acting and directing, while also giving voice to the Latino immigrant experience.

Family Studies

Drawing the Lines: Dividing and Reuniting Harvard’s Collections

As curators, students, and professors rethink the ways in which Harvard's collections are divided, new debates, new questions, and new philosophies of display have come to the fore at the University's museums of art, science, and culture.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,’ by ZAYN and Taylor Swift

Think of Zayn and Taylor as a pair of fun TFs leading a review section. Only this is no ordinary review section: it’s a scandalous review section.


‘Colossal’ Monstrously Mediocre

"Colossal" tells the story of Gloria (Anne Hathaway, whose bangs get progressively frizzier), an alcoholic, thirty-something human tornado residing in her boyfriend’s apartment. Her life is as messy as it is glamorous: She has friends named “Oasis” and parties at the Loft until sunrise.


On "Dear Evan Hansen" and self-preservation

There's something beautiful about that connectivity, that limitless reaching out and touching. Social media is a kind of letter: a letter to the unknown, to a vast cyberspace, to the people waiting on the other side of the screen.


Oscars React: Politics, Meet Hollywood

These days, accepting an award without asserting at least a vague political declaration seems oblivious, or at worst, willfully ignorant.


Dear Damien Chazelle

If dreamers can create great art, then there seems to be no question that creation is worth all the risk in the world. Briefly put, art matters, and so too do artists—perhaps now more than ever.

Andris Nelson

Andris Nelsons Brings Modern and Classical Symphonies to Life

In a packed Symphony Hall, musical virtuosity brought to life an enthralling blend of modernism and Classical tradition.


From the Bookshelves: "Harry Potter"

An entire generation has grown up with "Harry Potter." Caroline A. Tsai shares her experience with the series.

Carrie Fisher Accepts Humanist Award

In Memoriam: Carrie Fisher

After the loss of Carrie Fisher, staff writer Caroline A. Tsai reflects on the actress's role in her life—through middle school bullies and college applications.

The Needle's Eye

In ‘The Needle’s Eye,’ Fanny Howe Explores Definitions of Youth

Perhaps what infuses “The Needle’s Eye” with such presence, such urgency, is its tendency to draw existential questions from historical anecdotes.

Rupi Kaur: Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur Brings Spoken Word to Harvard

Poet Rupi Kaur performed spoken word poetry and read from “Milk and Honey,” her bestselling book, for a packed lecture hall in Sever on Oct. 28.

On Campus

“Nuestra Señora de las Nubes” and Translating the Latinx Experience

The play will be a defining piece of theater for Latin American audiences typically underrepresented onstage, according to Danny L. Rodriguez ’18, the stage manager of the show and president of TEATRO!. “I feel like everyone should be able to have that option to see a show that they say, ‘This is me. This is my family,’” he said.

On Campus

Telling ‘Polaroid Stories’ on the Mainstage

The scene is set for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s annual Visiting Director’s Project: “Polaroid Stories.” Written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Jacqui Parker, the play tells the story of 12 homeless teenagers who navigate their identities while coping with sexual abuse, drug addiction, and prostitution.