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Explosions Could Provide Clues About First Stars, Fellow Says

A set of explosions that happened thousands of years ago could provide clues about the formation of the earliest stars, according to Robert A. Simcoe, a research fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

The Science Center

Some Science Profs Fear Federal Funding Cuts Under Trump

Some Harvard professors and researchers say they are worried about how Donald Trump’s presidency could affect federal funding for scientific research.


Princeton’s Gen Ed Proposals Mirror Harvard Program

In an Oct. 20 report, Princeton’s Task Force on General Education wrote that it had consulted a series of peer institutions, including Harvard


Sociology Professor Explores Racial Identities in New Book

Professor Michèle Lamont explores the experiences with racism faced by five distinct ethnic groups spanning three cities on three continents in her latest book.

Barker Center

Café at the Barker Center Hopes to Gain Greater Recognition

The Arts and Humanities Café at the Barker Center has regularly hosted a range of arts events, but students and cafe managers say the cafe’s aspiration to be a campus arts center has yet to fully catch on.