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To Be or Not To Be a Nasty Woman?

Where is the line drawn between characterizing a women as strong for standing up for herself versus characterizing her as something to arrest, ill-behaved—even nasty?


Gauchito Gil and the Lifespan of Change

I like that idea—that good stories have good endings—but when I look down my feet are touching the ground, not the clouds.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
Summer Postcards 2017

Summer Postcard: Comic Sans Spanish

Sometimes so much more could be said in Spanish than in English, con más sentimiento y menos palabras.


Freeing Kodak Black

High school was a place that clutched my youth and kept it close to its chest, was rose-gold in the rearview mirror—but this idea of high school isn’t the version I lived.


Do You Believe in Miracles?

If we begin to place our actions in the hands of miracles, we fail to see the light within ourselves, the desires and dedication that propel us to grind ourselves against the whetstone of the world, honing ourselves to something that, mixed with a dash of luck, places us in the paths of achieving our dreams.


Dissent: Harvard: Where Hate Speech is Welcome

Equating a single individual’s opinion to the same level of importance as an individual’s identity is unacceptable. We cannot afford to “test” the limits of free speech. A very clear line already exists; you are free to your own opinion so long as your opinion does not threaten another person’s existence. The line has been crossed here.


Tales of a First Gen Student

I didn’t truly know what being a first-generation student meant until I came to college.


The Sacrifices We Make for Success

Despite the lies we dress up as truths in the mirror, the reality is that the sacrifices never end; they simply reinvent themselves in new ways.


To Those of Us Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Competition is in the air we breathe; from morning to night, wake to sleep, we are in constant flux with the people around us to see who has the stamina, the endurance to accomplish it all.


(Take a Trip With Me Down to) New Orleans

Leave the Yard with photos and a full stomach, but this time I was worried that I would change, that I would become this stereotypical nose-upturned snob that we Harvard students appear to be from the outside.


The Color of Piraguas

Being the product of mixed heritage – Puerto Rican and Portuguese - I was the aggregation of two diverse cultures clashing together, a tsunami that rose within a little girl with eyes the size of two very different worlds.

Op Eds

Why Bed Bath & Beyond is Blue

Here, I have come to learn and to grow, to hopefully become a better person in the end; however, this does not separate me from where I began. I cannot knowingly assimilate into this shade of crimson - this hue of hollow superiority and false grandeur - after I’ve seen the beauty of the spring.


​Your Body is a Temple

Whether they may be in a prayer room in a mosque or synagogue or within yourself, the goal within any belief system —and really, the goal in life—is to find, and do, whatever makes you happy.