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Giving Ground Illustration 4

​Giving Ground

Unique ideas help the college avoid intellectual stagnancy, but a balance must be struck between academic freedom and basic kindness.


On Erasure

Removing statues will not change the history of the United States and the Confederacy, which is studied all over the world. The real gaslighting in this country occurs in our schools, where millions of American children are force-fed falsehoods at an astonishing rate.


The O’Reilly Factor

Things like kindness, love, happiness, diversity, and respect challenge the worldviews of people like Bill O’Reilly. Harvard can, should, and in many cases, does promote all of those things.


Amateur Hour: Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education

Because of her demonstrably superficial understanding of pressing issues in American education, it is hard not to see the DeVos nomination as a blatant payoff for years of conservative monetary activism.