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Becina J. Ganther

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Love is an Open Door?

We celebrate people who found the courage to come out, but forget about the equally courageous people who found ways to embrace their queer identities without coming out to everyone.


Allyship: Intent vs Impact

One way that allies can be mindful of space is by being thoughtful in deciding which queer events to attend.


Obama Moments

While it’s an important goal to include more LGBTQ characters in movies, it’s equally important to improve how they’re portrayed.


To Flannel or Not to Flannel?

Elevating the importance of lesbian stereotypes can minimize the experiences of queer women by placing them in a box.


Glitter in Her Eyes

Heteronormativity stole not only part of my childhood, but also part of my identity.


In My Dreams

True feminism lifts people up and encourages them to live freely and authentically, not to hide their true selves in an effort to break stereotypes and be “good” feminists.