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stanford ew

Screw Stanford, Pick Harvard

While Stanford may be the Harvard of West Coast, we are still the Harvard of everything.

Legally Blonde
FlyBy Blog

Best Pop Culture Mentions of Harvard

While literally every piece of media drop the H bomb sooner or later, we’ve compiled the most noteworthy mentions of the most hip and relevant University on the planet. We apologize in advance for flexin’.

Prefrosh Bags at Visitas

Visitas Bucket List

Visitas is all about having fun, soaking up the welcoming atmosphere, and not choosing the New Haven community college.

Steve Aoki's Yardfest Performance
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A Beginner’s Guide to Yardfest

We've compiled tips to help make Yardfest amazing this year.

Freshman Shirts

How To Be the Most Freshman Freshman While You Still Can

Freshman year is almost over, Class of 2020. Show your pride by unabashedly wearing your lanyards AND your class shirts.

Harvard Snapchat Sticker
On Campus

Obscure Harvard Lingo To Give You Away At Your Summer Internship

In the Harvard bubble, it's easy to forget that words like "punch" and "TF" just don't make sense beyond our part of Cambridge. We've compiled a list of lingo to avoid at your summer internship or job if you don't want to give yourself away as a Harvard student.

Year in Photos - News - Eleganza
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Identities and Eleganza: What's the Difference?

First and foremost—Identities and Eleganza are NOT the same thing.

Outdoor Study Break

Things You Can (Only) Do When the Weather Is Nice

Don’t squander these few precious warm days and go outside. Feel the balmy air gently caressing your skin instead of ripping it off your face as usual. Most importantly, do everything you’ve dreamt about doing during the oppressive cold and rain that tormented us just a week ago.

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​Ten Songs Turning Ten in April

You're gonna feel old when you read this one.

Spring Evening on the Charles

How to Motivate Yourself after Spring Break

In a post-spring break funk? Check out these tips for finding inspiration to tackle your school work.

Spring Break TV Binge
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What to Binge-Watch this Spring Break

Check out some hidden TV gems that are as under-appreciated as the Quad and almost as entertaining as reading Chaucer out loud.

Important Decisions on Housing Day
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Important Decisions on Housing Day

Have a section on Housing Day? We'll help you decide whether or not you should skip it.

Important Decisions on Housing Day
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To Skip or Not to Skip: Housing Day Classes

Still trying to decide whether you should go to class on Housing Day? We can help make that decision for you.

Housing Day
House Life

In Defense of Floating

Stressed or sad that you didn't find a blocking group? Don't be—there are plenty of reasons that your seemingly-popular friends with blocking groups should be jealous of you.

CS50 in Widener
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The 2017 Midterm Survival Guide

Laminate your notes to ward off tears and food stains and remember this: if Britney could make it through 2007, you can survive midterm season.