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The Immortalists Cover

‘The Immortalists’ Asks Questions About a Life Worth Living

“The Immortalists” asks questions whose answers could—and should—affect a reader's life.

Educated Cover

'Educated': Truthful and Heart-Wrenching

Westover questions the doctrines her family has instilled in her since birth, the reliability of memory, and the obligations a daughter has to her family.

Gnomon Cover

“Gnomon:” Hard Work that Doesn’t Pay Off

​A behemoth of a book, “Gnomon” is almost seven hundred tightly-packed pages, but its complex content is what makes it a difficult read.

Henrietta Lacks HBO Still 1

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:” The Scientific and the Sentimental

In honor of Black History Month, it is important to recognize Lacks’ impact on science and discuss the portrayal of the Lacks family both on the page and on the screen.

HBO Henrietta Lacks Still

‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ Turns Eight, Story Still Touching and Timely

On the eighth anniversary of the novel, it’s worth taking a look at the touching film that documents the pain the Lacks family still feels after being lied to by Johns Hopkins University about their own mother.

American Marriage Cover

'An American Marriage:' Emotionally Raw

Jones creates a beautifully sad story that will invariably lead to an emotional hangover.

Heart Spring Mountain

'Heart Spring Mountain:' Slow, Short, and Sincere

The story slowly weaves through several generations of the same family, exposing how the past influences the present. Although MacArthur has written a narrative filled with compelling reflections on the past’s impact and global warming’s repercussions, the present plot offers very little action. This is a novel more focused on thought than experience.

Into the water cover

'Into the Water' Is A Diluted Thriller

The curse of the sophomore slump holds true for Hawkins, as “Into the Water” falls short as a disappointing follow-up to “Girl on the Train.”​

Marlena cover

‘Marlena’ A Strong Warning For Teens

“Marlena”’s painful story works because it is also brutally honest. It successfully scares off teens who are tempted by drugs and alcohol but does not feel preachy because Buntin never tells her readers to avoid this lifestyle.

Caroline Tew vanity photo

Arts Vanity: Horoscopes

Mercury is blocking one of Mars’s moons today, which means a turbulent day for Aries.

taylor lwymed

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Taylor Swift

It’s exactly like another famous Taylor music video, “You Belong with Me,” but instead of pining after a cute boy, she’s plotting his murder and instead of pajamas, she’s wearing leather and fishnet stockings.

Burning Girl cover

‘The Burning Girl:’ A Fresh Adaptation of a Bildungsroman

In this coming-of-age novel, Messud strikes the perfect balance between discussing the gracelessness of middle school and keeping the narrative from perpetual awkwardness.

One Tree Hill

Unpopular Opinion: ‘One Tree Hill’

It doesn’t matter what you say about bad acting, cliché plot lines, or creating an unrealistic image of high school and life beyond: “One Tree Hill” was a masterpiece of our youth.

Kingdom of the Young cover

'Kingdom of the Young': When Style Ruins a Story

Edie Meidav’s short story anthology “Kingdom of the Young” fails to meet high expectations: Though her previous three novels were universally acclaimed, her first anthology does not live up to the hype.

Wait Till You See Me Dance cover

'Wait Till You See Me Dance': A Woeful Anthology

Every story has a fair amount of sadness, and because of the short length of the majority of the stories, this anthology doesn’t permit for more than a one-note depressing reading experience