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SKETCH poster

‘SKETCH’ Channels Both Eccentricity and Comedic Genius

From a man who is too excited to receive a pat down at airport security to a lesbian who wins “The Bachelor” but is in love with another contestant, a cast of nine students performed a series of ten skits from March 23 to 25.

Night Ocean

‘The Night Ocean’: A Nested Novel

Paul La Farge’s new novel “The Night Ocean” contains books within books within books, like a literary version of a Russian nesting doll.

Exit West cover

‘Exit West’: A Surreal Look at Relevant Issues

Mohsin Hamid weaves a powerful and relevant narrative in “Exit West.” It claims fame as a “Most Anticipated Book” by Buzzfeed, Time, and the Washington Post, a well-deserved title.

Woman Next Door

'The Woman Next Door' Subtle but Effective

Through the bittersweet tales of two old women, Yewande Omotoso manages to deliver a thought-provoking novel about apartheid and race relations in South Africa—and an enjoyable read as well.​


Hasty Pudding’s ‘Casino Evil’: A Wonderfully Cliché Drag Show

With its lewd jokes and crazy outfits, “Casino Evil” could have easily gone wrong. Yet the actors deliver an engaging performance by recognizing the absurdity of it all.

Twilight: Edward and Bella

Valentine's Day: 5 Weirdest Couples in Art History

From "Oedipus Rex" to "Game of Thrones," these works of art make romance anything but cliche.