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Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan Discusses ‘An American Family’ at First Parish Church

A skilled raconteur, Khan captivated event-goers with reflections on his early reverence of the United States, the events leading up to his famed speech, and the upstanding character of his late son Captain Humayun Khan.


‘American Horror Story: Cult’: A Monster Without Teeth

"Cult" falls flat, in large part because of its co-creators’ refusal to explore the season’s subject matter in any meaningful way.


Claire Messud Discusses 'The Burning Girl' at Brattle Theatre

Harvard creative writing professor Claire Messud read from her latest book and talked about her own experiences of the unreliability of memory.


‘Free Fire’ Unfunny, Unpleasant, Unnecessary

One nice thing about “Free Fire” is that the sound designers probably had a lot of fun putting together the film’s endless cacophony of gunshot noises.

Jake Johnson in "Win it All"

‘Win It All’ Well-Acted, Poorly Plotted

Anyone who has watched the trailer of the new Netflix original “Win It All” knows exactly what unfolds in the first hour of the film.

All Grown Up cover

'All Grown Up' Tedious and Familiar

The voice and overall narrative of “All Grown Up” are practically indistinguishable from those of countless other books (and blogs, and television shows, and any other media featuring existentially dissatisfied white women), and Andrea’s supposed awareness of her and her story’s mediocrity lends only a stilted self-consciousness to the novel.


‘Beauty and the Beast’ Dry, Disappointing

Disney has no business bragging about its first openly gay character or its first “gay moment.”

Reese Witherspoon in "Big Little Lies"

‘Big Little Lies’ a Mélange of Mediocrity in a Pretty Package

“Big Little Lies” introduces main characters whose lives are so picturesque that there has to be something deeply disturbing brewing beneath the surface.


‘Great Wall’ a Great Failure

Filmmakers have the right, of course, to create what they see fit without taking notions of “political correctness” into account. Creating deeply harmful, socially irresponsible art is their prerogative. But even so, is a lazy smattering of colonialist tropes really art? How about 103 minutes of pandering to a white audience?