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Jonny Sun Sitting

An aliebn Among Us

]This week, FM chats with Jonathan F. Sun, an MIT graduate student, illustrator, and author best known for his Twitter persona "jomny sun" (jonnysun).



For FM's "Contemporary Romance" feature, FMC takes us to the movies.

Metasequoia Tag

'A Living Fossil'

“People still talk about it, because it really is an exemplar of collaboration, of discovery,” he continues, as we stare up the trunk through the (now bare) branches.

Breaking Hive

Breaking Hive

"Four days after the Finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, I was running through drills. No, not root-word exercises. Not etymology practice. Football drills."

Stellar Speller

Stellar Speller

Frank M. Cahill '20 with his entryway mates (Hollis North and South) just after the Freshman Dean's Office Spelling Bee.

Jane Kamensky

Talking Punk Rock at Schlesinger Library

Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, isn’t your everyday comic-book hero. And “Altered Gazes,” the Schlesinger Library exhibition in which this 1991 comic is featured, is not your everyday collection.

General Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram: Postmodern Ennui vs. Plan B

Both can be found in CVS.

Ivy League Vegan Conference
College Life

More Than Just Tofu: The 2017 Ivy League Vegan Conference

“The purpose of the conference is to open up a dialogue about the potential power of plant-based diets to address the heaps of global issues,” Nina Gheihman, co-organizer of the conference, says.

Undergraduate Council Meeting
Undergraduate Council

An Update on the Harvard Undergraduate Council’s Mental Health Initiatives

FM follows up with the campaign promises and aspirations of the Undergraduate Council as it hits its stride.

Graduate School of Design

If Only We Could See It: Philip Johnson’s Mystery House

Johnson's nascent genius, however, remains preserved—if only we could see it. So what’s in that house? Hard to say.


FM Imagines: Emails From Leslie Kirwan

Everyone's favorite inbox update.