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Green Banks in New England

Panelists Talk Green Energy Financing

Panelists at the Kennedy School described the potential impact of “green banks,” institutions which seek to finance renewable energy initiatives, at an event Thursday.

Bob Schieffer
Harvard Kennedy School

Schieffer Discusses Post-Election Media Landscape

“[Trump] did what Hillary Clinton was never able to do. He crafted a message that cut through all the chatter,” Schieffer said. “He told them they would not be forgotten.”


Panelists Share Perspectives on Social Media’s Impact

As social media becomes increasingly integral to everyday life, four Harvard professors discussed its impact on individuals’ identities and relationships at a panel on Monday.


BGLTQ Scholar Discusses Religious Liberty Conflicts

​Though same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, the country continues to see legal conflicts between religious liberty and BGLTQ rights, Corvino argued.