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Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck
Visual Arts

Painting In Color

Stephen E. Coit ’71, a 69-year-old venture capitalist and entrepreneur, is working to improve the representation of people of color at Harvard—one brush stroke at at time.

First Parish Church

Cambridge District 'Homeless Court' to Move to Harvard Square

The Homeless Outreach Program of the Cambridge Police Department coordinated the move with the Cambridge District Court, the Harvard Square Business Association, and First Parish Church.

Thanksgiving Dinner on Campus

Students On Campus for Thanksgiving Look Forward to Turkey and Movies

Though many Harvard students will head home for Thanksgiving break, some plan to stay on campus to relax, catch up on work, and feast on a HUDS holiday dinner.


Experts Warn of Risk of Nuclear War During Panel

“The risk of inadvertent nuclear war has risen to a level that is simply unacceptable,” United States Senator Edward J. Markey said.

Marsalis and Faust

With Faust, Wynton Marsalis Reflects on Power of Music

Marsalis surprised the audience by taking out his own trumpet to accompany trumpeter Miranda Agnew ’21 in improvisational blues.


AEI Scholar Talks Health Care, Tax Reform

Stan A. Veuger, an economic analyst from the American Enterprise Institute, spoke about congressional deadlock and the Trump administration’s legislative agenda at the CGIS Knafel building Friday.

The Lure of Prosperity Gospel in the Age of Trump

Experts Discuss Role of ‘Prosperity Gospel’ in Trump’s Success

Popular among some American Protestants, the prosperity gospel is a concept which holds that material wealth and physical health are signs that an individual is favored by God.

Student Groups

Activist Group Looks to Raise Awareness About the U.S. South

The group is a “social, cultural, and political student organization concerned with the intersectional enactment of justice in the Southern United States and its communities.”

Map Madness

Maps Exhibit at Pusey Library to End Next Week

The Harvard Map Collection’s exhibit on ink-drawn-maps will come to a close next week, ending a display of antique maps that has been open to the public in the Pusey Library since May.