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Randi Griffin
Women's Ice Hockey

Fifteen Minutes with Randi H. Griffin ’10

Fifteen Minutes caught up with Randi H. Griffin '10 in the midst of her preparation for the upcoming Olympic games in PyeongChang, where she will be playing for the unified Korean team.

Khalil Abdur-Rashid

A Conversation with Harvard’s First Muslim Chaplain

From the Fifteen Minute Magazine: Khalil Abdur-Rashid is four months into his role as the first full-time Muslim chaplain at Harvard University.

Student Athlete Protest

Reaching Across Harvard's 'Color Line'

Segregation in sports went largely unchallenged until the end of the 1920s. One of the first to call for change was William Clarence Matthews.

Steph Burt

Hey Professor: Science Fictional Future

We need ways to imagine a future that is different from the present, because the present isn't really working out all that well and because we would like the future to be different.


The Ties that Bind: Welcoming Freshmen into House Life

For some first-year students, the transition to House life is difficult. The Houses are larger than most freshman dorms, and further from the Yard. Most importantly, they can be intimidating.