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Sufia giving a tour
Student Life

Clocking Out: Jobs Off-Campus

But for some students every year, going to work means leaving Harvard Yard and venturing into Cambridge and the Boston area.

Get on your Big Coat

Students Bundle Up for Cold Weather as Temperatures Drop

“I was under the impression that wearing a jacket made you not as cold, but it’s not true. It still sucks,” McKinley said. “I miss the sun too. It’s harder to be as happy without it.”

On Campus

Bigger Than Ever: Sex Week Kicks Off

Let's talk about sex, baby. Literally though. Harvard students have an unfortunately pure reputation, but Sex Week is here to come to the rescue with expert knowledge about the birds and the bees.

Jeff Santos

Jeff Santos

Massachusetts native Jeff Santos plans to use his special platform as a radio talk show host to benefit the people of Cambridge.

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Food and Drink

Pizza Chains Compete for Harvard Students with New Deals

In the battle for the hungry stomachs of Harvard undergraduates, pizza chain Papa John’s recently employed deals to gain a greater share of an already competitive market.

Parents, Siblings Flock to Cambridge for Freshman Family Weekend

​Hundreds of parents and siblings donned in spirited Crimson attire, descended on Harvard Yard this weekend to visit members of the Class of 2021 during the College’s Freshman Family Weekend.

Student Groups

Devastating Wildfires Hit Home for Californian Students

At first, Emily M. Lu ’21 thought the text message she received from her dad on Monday morning was a joke: It said that their house in Santa Rosa, Calif. had burned down.