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President Faust's Office

Faculty, Students Hold Prison Education Reform Event

Attendees demanded Harvard implement a degree-granting program for incarcerated people and lower barriers to the admission of individuals with criminal records.

Solange Knowles
Student Groups

Harvard Foundation Honors Solange as Artist of the Year

​The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations awarded Solange Knowles their artist of the year award in front of a sold-out crowd Saturday evening.

Multicultural Center Town Hall Meeting

UC Puts Forth Multicultural Center Proposal

​The Undergraduate Council approved a proposal of action for a multicultural center on campus at its Sunday meeting.

Student Groups

Solange Named Harvard Foundation’s 2018 Artist of the Year

The acclaimed R&B singer-songwriter will come to Cambridge to receive the award on March 3.

Fall in Harvard Yard
Undergraduate Council

The Half-Century Fight for a Multicultural Center

For almost half a century, students have been calling for the University to build and fund a multicultural center. For nearly half a century, Harvard has said no.

The New President
Front Feature

Bacow Disappoints Diversity Advocates’ Pres. Hopes

Some Harvard students critiqued the committee’s choice, noting they felt frustrated by a pick they said too closely resembles presidents past.

Multicultural Center Town Hall Meeting

Students Push for Multicultural Center at Town Hall

​Over 70 students gathered in Fong Auditorium to discuss their vision for a multicultural center on campus at a Friday town hall.

Student Life

Students, Staff Concerned over Fate of DACA

​The eyes of Harvard’s undocumented students are turned to Washington as lawmakers negotiate a deal to protect undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.


Panelists Discuss Robert Kennedy's Legacy

“That spirit of unity, of empathy, of having a moral compass is what all the leaders miss today. We don’t have those elements in our leadership core,” Matthews said.

Grad School of Education

Wolfram Alpha Founder Discusses Computational Thinking at Ed School

Coding, Wolfram argued, is “the enemy” of computational thinking. “I think with the low-level coding, it is as mechanical as a lot of the kind of math that kids find boring."

Ilan Levy

Ilan Levy

Ilan Levy, who is running for City Council for a second time, has lived in Cambridge for the last 14 years working as a software engineer.

Grad School of Education

At Ed School, Researcher Talks New York City School Choice

Dozens of educators, researchers, and students gathered at the Graduate School of Education to discuss research on school choice in New York City public schools.