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Singer Discovers Heritage

For Johanna N. Paretzky ’03, Harvard has been about new directions. After playing sports since the age of five, she

All Hail, Harry

The Senior Gift Committee made its annual rounds this spring, soliciting donations, at a $10 minimum, from graduating students. The

Former HUPD Chief, Spy Tracker, Dies at 94

Robert Tonis, who led the Harvard University Department (HUPD) through its transformation into a professional police force, died last month

Former HUPD Officer Dies at 93

Carl A. Ikels, who spent more than half-a-century protecting the Harvard campus first as a watchman, then as a police

America’s Lessons From the Legacy of British Empire

The word “empire” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. The unmatched world position of the United States



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A re-enactor portraying Revolutionary War hero William Dawes and a member of the Massachusetts National Lancers’ color guard take part in the Patriot’s Day celebration on Cambridge Common yesterday.



Hordes of students turned out in front of Holyoke Center yesterday to pick up free tickets to see former Russian Premier Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who will speak at Sanders Theatre next Monday.

The Little Big Man

I lost a friend on Friday. To say that Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) was a friend of mine might be


The Aurora Borealis Unlocked

It is fitting, in an ironic sense, that BBC journalist Lucy Jago chose Kristian Birkeland for the subject of her

Anthrax Scares Hit Harvard

Anthrax scares continued to rattle the nerves of people across the nation—including at Harvard—yesterday. An e-mail made the rounds of

Harvard Takes Precautions in Mailrooms

As fears of bioterrorism and anthrax infection continued to spread throughout the nation yesterday, University officials met with mailroom employees

33 Elmwood

Soon after assuming office, University President Lawrence H. Summers moved from Washington, D.C. to his new digs—Elmwood, Harvard’s presidential mansion


'Fire' From the World's Front Lines

Events have overtaken Sebastian Junger’s new book Fire with the same uncertainty and rapidity of the wildfires that raced across


On the Homefront

For security officials across the country, “America on Alert” is more than a tag line on CNN. It’s the new