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Saved By the Bell: Rowed to Ruin

On March 8, a Harvard sophomore and member of the crew team was found lying on the ground near the

Former Harvard Infielder Hired by Sox

The Ivy League’s—and Harvard’s—parade into the front office ranks of Major League Baseball continued yesterday as the Red Sox announced

Freshmen Impact Baseball

It’s unclear whether University President Larry Summers had ever been to a Harvard baseball game prior to popping in during

Saved By the Bell: Harvard Hoops Support Lacking

Brady Merchant became LeBrady Merchant (Kobe Merchant? Brady McGrady?) for 40 minutes on Saturday night, and people cared. Not just


Saved By the Bell: Despite Principles, Identity Crisis Lingers

Harvard Athletic Director Robert L. Scalise took the podium at the symposium held at the Murr Center on Friday and


Saved By the Bell: Ivy Athletics Deserve a Better Fate

Times were rough, what with the Second Gulf War having just entered its eighteenth depressing year, and I thought it

Torn Labrum Sidelines Baseball's Hordon

The deep freeze abated long enough Monday afternoon for the Harvard baseball team to practice outdoors. Having lost ten seniors

Crimson Can’t Stop Penn Bombers

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—The first was troubling. The second was killer. Both were wide open. Penn’s Koko Archibong hadn’t seen daylight down

Saved by the Bell: Veteran Crimson Unfazed On Road

PHILADELPHIA—“Harvard Will Lose, But Get An A Just For Showing Up!” screamed the banner as it cascaded down the stands


Saved By the Bell

Imagine achieving your greatest triumph almost too soon. Imagine opening up the season by beating the Hurricanes—Miami, not Carolina—or sweeping


Saved By The Bell: Sk8er Girl

Figure skater and 2002 Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes, one of the most heartwarming sports stories of last year, got

Saved by the Bell: Lost in the Transfer—A Christmas Carol

Be patient. There’s a Christmas story buried in this column, albeit a warped and disturbing and wholly abstract one—a postmodern


Saved by the Bell: This Sinking Ship Could Use Bailout

The sink-or-swim campaign sank pretty quickly. After Dartmouth College’s cash-strapped athletic department announced it would cut its swim teams last

Saved by the Bell: Lion Coach Out Like a Lamb

Just before all of you sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, Ray Tellier had his Last Supper. Tellier, the Columbia football

For Second Time, Morris Named Player of the Year

For the second straight year, senior wide receiver Carl Morris is the Ivy League’s Player of the Year, the league