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Demon Parody Strip Elicits Legal Threat

The Demon, the raunchy undergraduate humor magazine, has pulled a parody of the Betty and Veronica comic strip from its

The Class of 1950

In a front-page commentary on September 30, 1946, the boys of the Harvard Crimson complained that tall ex-servicemen slept in

The New Guard of the Ivory Tower

In a front-page commentary on September 30, 1946, the boys of The Harvard Crimson complained that tall ex-servicemen slept in

HLS Hosts Women's Rights Debate

Feminist firebrand Catharine A. MacKinnon and former Solicitor General Charles Fried squared off last night to argue the constitutionality of

Politics or Prejudice? An Incident at the Temple Bar

Host to throngs of Harvard law students and professors looking to relax for a drink at day's end, the Temple

Some APALSA Members Split Over Temple Bar Incident

In a tense meeting last night, the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) debated the group's official position on

Heaney Wows Crowd With Poems, Anecdotes

Nobel Laureate Seamus J. Heaney recited his own poetry and read excerpts from his new best-selling translation of the Anglo-Saxon

Hope Springs Eternal: General Studies Debunked

For seniors, it's an elusive hope if a thesis doesn't get quite done. For administrators, it's a myth to be

City Sued Over Gay Partners' Benefits

Two conservative, religious groups sued Cambridge this week over its ordinance that extends rights and benefits usually reserved for family

Nash To Serve as Chief Mitrovica Peacekeeper

Retired U.S. Army Major General William B. Nash, a popular former IOP fellow, will head up the United Nations (U.N.)

Vermont's Decision Spurs Debate about Gay Marriage

Last week's passage of a bill recognizing civil unions for same-sex couples by Vermont's State House of Representatives still leaves

IOP Panel Clashes Over Abortion

Opposing sides of the abortion debate looked for common ground but found little at a packed discussion at the ARCO

Jewish Women Discuss Feminism, Religion

Participants from around the country gathered at Hillel this weekend to explore the issues facing modern Jewish women as they

Keeping It a Fair Fight for Financial Aid

David walked out to fight in a loincloth with a sling. Goliath stepped out in a 10-foot shimmer of bronze