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Congratulations, Class of 2015!

If the legacy of the Class of 2015 is a culture of service informed by Harvard’s wisdom, the graduates will have done well indeed.


Unfinished Process

The new policies Faust announced were progress, but far from perfect.

Harvard Ed Portal Opening

Commencement 2015


Faust's Bargain

For all its changes, the role of the president remains a position requiring a vision and novel ideas about improving the University.


A Losing Legacy

The advantage afforded to children of alumni flies in the face of fairness and only contributes to the College’s culture of valuing familial connections over individual achievement.


Support for Senior Gift

Senior Gift is a way—part symbolic, part impressively tangible—to quite literally pay it forward.


A Wise Investment

While the compensation of those managers is high in absolute terms, relative to the immense potential of the endowment and the world of finance, it is far from exorbitant.

1990 Reunion: Apartheid Protests Compilation

1990 Reunion Issue

Senior Section 2015 Tease

Senior Section 2015

Montgomery Sheriffs and Protesters 1965

1965 Reunion Issue


Dunster's BGLTQ Environment

Environments that foster negative feelings are destructive of the openness and inclusivity essential to Harvard’s mission.


Make Books Accessible

Our current system effectively provides a tiered system where academic flexibility is only available to those with the means to pursue it.


Reform the Program in General Education

But today, the College’s Program in General Education—the modern successor of the original distribution requirements—fails to match the vision set forth by Lowell.


Self-Conscious Final Clubs

Even as the reaction to them raises significant questions about the nature of final clubs, we need to have a more sincere dialogue than these websites can possibly create.


Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage should be recognized as a basic right rooted in our nation’s value of equality—it is the duty of the Court to uphold this principle where states have failed.

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Front Feature

Class of 2015, By the Numbers

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells 2015

On Campus

The Geography of Harvard Athletics

University Hall

Among Harvard’s Faculty, ‘Women Are Still Pioneers’