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A Red Light for Food Labels

Colored dots do little more than label certain foods as “good” or “bad” while failing to capture the nuances of a healthy diet.


Keep on Recruiting

What has become a valuable asset for companies like Bain Capital and McKinsey & Company to tap into Harvard student talent may now similarly serve organizations like Ashoka, Pencils of Promise, and the Tobin Project.


Fund Club Sports

Club sports are an important part of university life for many undergraduates. Varsity sports teams by design can accommodate only a small fraction of the student body.


An Exploitative Culture of College Athletics

The University should be regarded as an exploitative institution that willfully harmed student-athletes in order to make money from their skill.


All the World’s a Stage

The fact that the faculty is creating a new concentration to respond to demand shows an admirable openness to the intellectual desires of students.


Service Should Not Be Required

Requiring such activities is not the best way to foster in students a love and appreciation for service to their community.


Moving Toward Gender Parity

While there is no perfect or easy solution to gender equality in Harvard To achieve the gender-balanced future we would like to see, we must guarantee equality throughout the tenure track—and not just at the start.


Bridge and a Troubled Water

As winter approaches, it is unacceptable that municipal turf wars should endanger Boston’s most vulnerable.


The Professors' Misplaced Criticisms

The authors of the letter are correct in saying that Harvard University must “stand up for principle.” But the principle it must stand for is justice for the victims of sexual harassment and assault.


Staying Vigilant in Ferguson

It is heartening to see people join the protests in Missouri under a variety of banners.


Underfunded and Underprepared

The unprecedented pace of the disease could have been halted much earlier had the international community’s response not been so slow until now.


Give B's a Chance

We hope, going forward, that institutions of higher education find a way to sort this problem out.


The Damage of the Culture Wars

Public discourse suffers in an environment where ideas are discounted off-hand due to the identity of the speaker.


Upwards and Onwards

The Court and this country have made incredible strides in the direction of expanding the rights of same-sex couples to marry, but marriage inequality remains only one of many systematic injustices against members of the LGBTQ community in this country.


Defining the Relationship

Properly and officially delineating the respective roles of the House Committees and the UC would be an important first step toward improving relationships with these two important governing bodies.

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