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Nous Sommes Tous Parisiens

As a nation, we must show resolve overseas and tolerance at home.


Raise the Minimum Wage

With more aggressive local wage policies, a higher federal minimum, and inflation indexing, the minimum wage can once again be a real vehicle for enhancing economic opportunity.


Rather and Banks for the UC

We endorse Rather and Banks as the most qualified and prepared candidates to take on these challenges in leading the UC for the next year; we believe that they have the necessary experience and vision to succeed in improving our campus.


Time To Lead on Tuition

The University, cushioned by its $37 billion endowment, must commit itself to bringing tuition growth under control.


Small Steps

The announcement comes as a victory for those who have criticized Harvard for a lack of confidential counseling services for survivors of sexual assault.


Dissent at Yale

Today Yale is in the spotlight, but hundreds of other colleges and universities across the country are undergoing their own equally fraught conversations about race.


Mao and MOOCs

As edX expands, however, it cannot focus solely on improving accessibility; the platform must continue to maintain a high standard in the courses that it accepts.


A General Overhaul for General Education

The Gen Ed system needs a complete overhaul.


Recognizing History

Recognizing these flaws does not necessitate revising history to remove them entirely; rather, it requires a full understanding of the past and a shared commitment by all, both across the country and at Harvard, to move toward a more inclusive future.


Parties in Pusey?

Ultimately, the UC referendum process must focus attention on major issues, and not waste time on ideas that are infeasible and unnecessary.


Making the Law Accessible

All of these uses enforce the admirable nature of the University’s efforts to utilize its resources for the public good.


Don't Go Back on Diversity

Harvard should be a transformational place, and if this lawsuit succeeds, it will fail to achieve one fundamental part of that mission.


Let Them Eat Camus

The trend largely stems from the misperception, both on this campus and on others across the country, that the skills learned in the humanities are not professionally marketable.


End Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement is a barbaric practice, unacceptable as a routine punishment.


The Clubs Outfoxed

As a campus—students, administrators, and professors—we must strive to leave Harvard more inclusive than we found it.