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Not So Hot on Heat Week

Unfortunately, as much as ever, divestment works toward the noble end of combating climate change through unproductive, unlikely, and ineffectual means.


The Administrative Board’s Empty Promise

As we have previously opined with regard to the Honor Council and sexual assault statistics, transparency in disciplinary proceedings is vital.


A Better Approach to Academic Integrity

The Honor Council’s inclusion of students represents immense progress, but it must continue working to avoid the pitfalls of its predecessor.


Change We Can Believe In

It is certainly the case that Cuba’s human rights record is decidedly mixed. So too, however, are the human rights records of China, Saudi Arabia, and countless Latin American or Africa nations, and yet we maintain economic and political relationships with them.


A Poster Child for Misguided Censorship

It is true that Renegade represents a more marginalized view than its critics; it is also true that the principle of free expression does not apply only to those in the margins.


We Stand with Graduate Students

At the moment, Harvard has little incentive, beyond occasional pressure from academic departments, to respond to requests from graduate students seeking better teaching and working conditions.


Title IX and University Administration

On matters that affect the entire University, Harvard as an academic institution must base its decisions more on its faculty, and less on administrators.


The Task at Hand

Ultimately, as a private landowner, Harvard should have independence in its decisions about the design and layout of its new campus. But as a part of the broader Allston community, Harvard also has a responsibility to show good faith to its neighbors and to take their concerns seriously.


Unequal Tragedies

As consumers of media, our clicks and views decide where news agencies go, where they devote their coverage, and what they highlight.


Blown Away

By making plastic bags illegal in checkout lines, the city council achieves a desirable objective through an undesirable method.


Discrimination Is Not Religious Freedom

The intent of the law is clear: To allow business owners to refuse service to homosexuals by claiming that their “exercise of religion has been substantially burdened.”


An Honest Look at the Numbers

In the fight against campus sexual assault, honesty and forthrightness on all sides is essential.


A More Comprehensive Regional Outreach

While we certainly do not believe in any type of zip-code affirmative action, it is also clear that there is value in a student body that draws from all parts of the country and all around the world.


Moving Freshman Formal

Ultimately, hosting freshman formal below an illuminated Annenberg Hall and alongside Harvard Yard will offer a distinct ambience that will prove more memorable for attendees than a hotel ballroom.


Toward a Better City Hall

We believe that Walsh’s goal is a noble and important one: An office of diversity has real potential to reduce problems with race relations in Boston.

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