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Keep It in the Classroom

Freedom of expression in the classroom--both for students and for faculty--is crucial to learning.


Make the Best of Early Action

Harvard should continue to strive to improve outreach strategies and scope of students reached in order to prevent early action from disproportionately advantaging those with more resources.


Toward a Fairer System

The relationship between colleges and student-athletes has long resembled that of an employer and employee, and the NLRB ruling simply formalizes this reality.


Sustainable Online Learning

HBX differs from its counterpart in its exclusivity and premium price—neither of which characterize edX. Nonetheless, it fits the broader spirit of using modern technology to share a Harvard education beyond Cambridge.


An Unhealthy Process

More concerning is the refusal of as many as 10 conservative Democratic Senators, many of whom face uphill reelections this Fall, to confirm their president’s nominee.


While Turkey Twitters Away

Any law that legitimates the suppression of free speech is corrosive to the free exchange of ideas that is so necessary for any democracy.


Keep Preschoolers in School

We firmly resist the notion that behavioral problems at the preschool level can be solved by kicking students of school.


Closer Than Ever

Harvard has proven that it can remain true to its principles while also managing to produce a dedicated and winning athletic team.


Confronting Homelessness

According to the City of Boston Homeless Census, 85 percent of both temporarily and chronically homeless people in Boston suffer from a mental illness, a disabling condition, substance abuse, or a physical disability, all of which require support and attention from society.


Stay Away on St. Paddy's Day

We commend Mayor Walsh for his principled stand on the issue, and we urge the parade’s organizers to change their policy and embrace all members of Boston’s community.


Listen to Bloomberg

With a large portion of the graduating class interested in public health, philanthropy, and politics, Bloomberg has the potential to deliver a meaningful speech on issues that the audience cares about.


An Ineffective Test

Standardized testing should accurately measure one’s inherent intellect and preparedness for college


I, Too, Am Harvard

"I, Too, Am Harvard" has reminded us all that this country—and even this campus—is not post-racial.


An Appropriate Package for Allston

The concerns of these residents are misplaced: while Harvard should and does work with the community, the current package is appropriate.


Midnight Train to Harvard

n fall 2013, The Crimson lauded the change in MBTA policy that would expand late-night T service with a one-year pilot program. Harvard students, both at the College and University levels, stand to benefit from increased public transportation options.

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