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Don't Go Back on Diversity

Harvard should be a transformational place, and if this lawsuit succeeds, it will fail to achieve one fundamental part of that mission.


Let Them Eat Camus

The trend largely stems from the misperception, both on this campus and on others across the country, that the skills learned in the humanities are not professionally marketable.


End Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement is a barbaric practice, unacceptable as a routine punishment.


The Clubs Outfoxed

As a campus—students, administrators, and professors—we must strive to leave Harvard more inclusive than we found it.


No Keys Under Doormats

Ideally, government agencies would have access to encrypted content if it posed a threat to public safety. But allowing the government privileged access to digital devices would make the public more vulnerable by weakening the security mechanisms currently in place.


Difficult Times Ahead

These costs will only continue to rise as the renovations progress; the next superintendent must ensure that they do not rise too high.

Gone But Not Done

Leland Cheung


Teaching Fellows of GSAS, Unite!

If Harvard administrators are so afraid of the idea of unionization in the context of how it would affect the University’s academic ideals and institutions, then that should be reason enough for change.


A Disheartening Debate

The fact that we even have to confront such a question is indicative of the magnitude of the gun problem in this country.


Educating the Educators

The launch of the HTF program is a hopeful step, evidence that Harvard is thinking hard about how to provide infrastructure for career paths other than those Harvard has traditionally thrown support behind.


Just a Game of Chance

The continued growth of the fantasy sports industry is proving the federal exception outdated.


Do the FAQs Need FAQs?

These quibbles may seem small, but they are not. On something as consequential as sexual assault policy, the University must make sure that its policies are as fair and coherent as possible.


A Civil Discourse

We hope that other networks took notes and will focus on creating more civil, substantive Republican debates in the future.


Fireball, Bud Light, and the T

With its potential to exacerbate serious public health issues and its limited financial benefits, the plan to lift the alcohol ban is ill conceived.


Loss of Monopoly

The size and importance of the Economics department here suggests that this is a problem that must be rectified.