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Laggard No More

We applaud the strides that Harvard has made both to increase the competitiveness of its science programs and to offer high-quality online courses.


Ferguson and Its Fallout

These were errors, but what happens in their wake could right wrongs more deeply entrenched in our national culture.


A Counterproductive Lawsuit

Divest Harvard serves an important role in calling attention to climate change itself, but we continue to believe that divestment is not the best way for Harvard to combat the phenomenon.


No Boston Olympics . . . for Now

While the games’ supporters are undoubtedly right that Boston could host a successful Olympics, the demands of the IOC and the lack of transparency in the current local discussions would make hosting the 2024 games far too much of a burden for the city and the region.


For Now, a Red Light for Reform

Particularly in the aftermath of an election in which Americans overwhelmingly supported Republican candidates, the president should not subvert the authority of Congress in using executive actions to overhaul our nation’s immigration system.


Coding Our Way to the Top

Balmer’s large (albeit unspecified) gift comes in the wake of a growing interest from Harvard’s student body in computer science.


A Good Deal, Already in Danger

With this new deal, the countries whose cooperation is most needed to slow climate change have made a commitment, before the world, to carry out serious shifts in how they produce energy.


Still Keep Stillman

This is a positive development, and HUHS should be commended for taking the student outcry seriously.


Kanuparthy and Horvath for the UC

Whoever wins the UC election will need to ensure that administrators are pressured to respond to student concerns and that a new slate of fresh ideas are brought before their constituents. Kanuparthy and Horvath are the ones who best fit that bill.


An Undisguised Threat to Freedom of the Press

Journalistic institutions in this country should be treated as sacrosanct, not as pawns in a game of cat and mouse between law enforcement agencies and suspects.


A Just Nominee

She is a strong and reasonable candidate for Attorney General, and her confirmation should occur with all due speed.


Snapshots in the Classroom

Over the past two years, events close to home have heightened the general interest in—and fear of—unwarranted or unexpected surveillance. Last week's revelations that Vice Provost for Advances in Learning Peter K. Bol authorized the photographing of classrooms to collect data on attendance in classes during the spring 2014 semester brought them closer once again.


An Uncommon Improvement

Harvard and many peers—calling themselves the “Coalition”—are questioning the Common App’s success. They have proposed a new application, one that in their eyes will promote fairer review of students from a wider range of backgrounds.


Listen to the Professors

Our employees and their families deserve better than evasion and silence. Now is the time to make things right. The University should cancel its plans and engage in a dialogue with its non-union workers.


Falling Short on Climate Change

The implications of climate change shown in the report are drastic, and without strong efforts to curb carbon emissions, these detrimental changes will become a frightening reality.

Kaledora Kiernan-Linn

The Dropouts

Snow on Plympton

More Snow Looming, College Alters Dining Schedule

Divest Harvard Rally
Central Administration

After 24-Hour Sit-In, Divest Harvard Protesters Leave Mass. Hall