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Commence the Protests

Rather than naming a name and then sitting silent, universities should play a more active role in refereeing the campus discussion.


Accurate, Sophisticated, Helpful?

Harvard is attempting to remedy a much more complex issue by attacking a mere symptom of the problem.

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Senior Section


Pondering Privilege

Sensitivity cannot be taught in a classroom—it comes from personal interactions and contemplation.


A Needed Change

It is commendable that Harvard will catch up to its peer institutions, though unfortunate that it took a major cheating scandal to catalyze that needed transformation.


Permissible, but Not Welcomed

We acknowledge that a student group can and should have the right to operate as it desires within the confines of the law and University rules. At the same time, a demonstration that deeply disrespects the core beliefs of other students is antithetical to any sense of community.


A Troubling Lack of Transparency

The right to freedom of the press was established to keep the people informed; and while the government reserves the ability to keep certain classified material from the public for our own safety, it is harmful to our very democracy when taken too far.


Reason over Confrontation

Divest Harvard’s tactics distract us from the debate on climate change that the Harvard community should be having.


Keep the Licenses Flowing

As Cambridge can attest, unfettered awarding of licenses is good for the economy, and likely does not pose much of a hazard to public safety.


Reemphasizing Title IX

While prosecution of attackers should remain a priority, we should not deny the important role universities can play in creating a culture of safety for its students.


A Worrisome Decision

Although Justice Kennedy’s reasoning in the Schuette decision tries to avoid the issue of race, it is impossible to deny the role race plays in our country’s politics.


Add Value to Visitas

Harvard should not rest on its laurels. Harvard should not assume that any given student will—and should—attend. Instead, Harvard should show students everything it has to offer, from the academic to the extracurricular to the social.


The UC and HBX

We urge the UC to maintain its impartiality in promoting organizations to students.


More Than a Weekend

When it comes down to it, only your heart can decide if Harvard is the right place.


Ukraine for Ukraine

The recent efforts to improve Ukraine's government reflect an important step toward normalization in the country.

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