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Boks Talk on Freshman Life, Abortion

Sissela A. Bok, research fellow in Medical Ethics offered about 100 people-some tentative but complicated views on the ethics of

Dames At Sea

D AMES AT SEA IS A PASTICHE of all the 1930s musicals you've never seen but know all about anyway,

Finances Look Rosier Again

The 1972 Financial Report to the Board of Overseers of Harvard College, published Tuesday, is a 140-page document stuffed with

Financial Report Shows First Surplus Since '68

For the first time since 1968, Harvard's operating accounts showed a surplus in fiscal year 1972. The annual Financial Report,

Few Answer Afro's Call For a Boycott of Classes

Few students responded yesterday to Afro's call for a one-day boycott of classes protecting the deaths of two students at

Fiction's Province Is Individual Men, I. B. Singer Says

"In the beginning there was the exception," Isaac Bashevis Singer told 150 people in Cabot Hall last night. The Yiddish

Cheap at Twice the Price

T HE BROOKLYN BRIDGE stands near Manhattan's lower tip, where Broadway and both of New York's rivers threater to converge.

Socialist Fish in a Capitalist Sea

T HE SOCIALIST WORKERS Party is trying again this year Two years ago its Boston mayoral candidate, John Powers, got

Low-Rent Housing Slated For River

A choice riverside site midway between Harvard and MIT will be used for low and moderate income housing, the Massachusetts

City Environment Committee Debates University Housing Near Somerville

The Cambridge City Council's committee on environment held preliminary discussions last night on Harvard's plans for cooperative housing on a

Mays' Home Run Defeats Giants

Willie Mays hit his first home run of the season during his first game as a New York Met yesterday,

200 Attend a 'Town Meeting,' Call for Nixon's Impeachment

The organizers of last night's "town meeting" on impeaching President Nixon said they hoped to fill MIT's Kresge Auditorium's 1200

Four Discuss Future of Chile At Teach-In on Recent Coup

"I am known for my optimistic bias," Attilio Boron, one of four speakers at a teach-in on Chile, told about

The Best of Henry Rosovsky?

" A LETTER TO the Faculty on Undergraduate Education" isn't likely to make anyone throw away his copy of The