Alice P. Albright


A Fly in the Pigment

Angel Island Publications in Sausalito, California, has sophisticated ideas about literature which may or may not prove solvent. As well


Dean Acheson

Former Secretary of State Dean Acheson has just spent three days at Eliot House, visiting Master Finley and, not incidentally,


Sky Without Stars

Helmut Kautner's Sky Without Stars, a story about despair in the divided Germanies, won the first prize at the Berlin


Return Of A Hero

Because he was "always on probation or some damned thing," Jack Lemmon '47 used to play in Harvard productions under


Wonderful Abbott

"The aim of musical comedy, of course," says George Abbott, "is to please." Abbott, who has co-authored and produced fifteen


Siobhan McKenna

To an enchanted audience at the Hasty Pudding Friday afternoon, Siobhan McKenna held forth with strong statements about the state


Guggenheim Museum

New York City's most controversial building, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, last week opened its spiral exhibition ramp to the


The Diary of Anne Frank

Sadly enough, George Stevens' movie version of The Diary of Anne Frank is not up to the play. Perhaps he


Street of Shame

A stark and tortured portrait of Tokyo's historical red-light district after the occupation, the Japanese film Street of Shame, reaches


The Swan's Song

Jessie sat on the Gordon Linen sacks in the Radcliffe Quad putting forsythia into her hair. Suddenly she shot upwards


Cold War

Amid the growing uneasiness which grips the world, an almost unnoticed change is taking place in Finland this year. Without


Silver Screen

Hello, you lovely people. I've just had a delightful chat with glamorous actress Mae Tinee at her honeymoon bungalow in


The Bigamist

The plot starts out thick as minestrone and thickens, thickens, thickens. It centers around a travelling salesman whose wife suspects


Mrs. Cannon

A captivating little lady with a face like a Leonardo drawing, Mrs. Walter B. Cannon is a very extraordinary person


Gertrude Stein at Radcliffe: Most Brilliant Women Student

"To live in the world of creation--to get in it and stay in it--to frequent it and to haunt it."--Henry

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Harvard vs. Yale

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