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Free AIDS Tests at UHS on the Rise

Contrary to popular opinion, there is dating at Harvard. In fact, there are quite a few people who manage to


Lack of Issues Marks Council Race

Cantabrigians tend to vote their pocket-books, but no economic plan is on the ballot. And people like contested elections, but


Eliot HAND Students Mask Young Cantabrigians

Last Friday afternoon, the Fletcher Elementary School was home to a menagerie of exotic animals rarely found outside of a


M. Track Sneaks by Yale, Women Cruise

After two important victories against Yale on Saturday, the Crimson track team must be considered a serious challenger for the


Boston Poets Honor Beat Legend

Local poets gathered last night to pay tribute to Allen Ginsberg, the beat poet who wrote, "America, I have given


Students Gather for 'Jesus Jam'

Students from colleges across the Northeast gathered in Sever Hall last night to kick-off Jesus Jam, a celebration of poetry


Harvard Grad at Center of $222.7 Million Suit

A jury ruled on March 20 that an article published in the Wall Street Journal was libelous and recommended the


Law School Conducts Public-Interest Benefit

Harvard Law School (HLS) paraded its wares last night at an auction to help financially support students involved in public-service


Kendo Club Hosts Tourney

Next to students stepping away on their Stairmasters and peddling their lifecycles this weekend, two opponents stood across from each


New Group Brings Teens Together

BOSTON--What's the secret to bringing communities together? Ouija knows. Last night, a group of 20 teenagers from Chinatown and Franklin


Spartacus Club Invites Socialist to Meeting

Since Washington mustered his troops in the Yard, revolution has been an integral part of Harvard's legacy. This tradition continued


Justice Breyer Addresses Hillel Crowd

After attending a special dinner at Hillel last night, Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer took time out to answer


Men's Track Shines While Women Flounder in Heptagonals

This past weekend, the Albert H. Gordon Track was host to the Heptagonal Championships and over a thousand track and


Chomsky, Zinn Discuss Their New Book

The last time Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky and Boston University professor emeritus of political science


BSA President Leaves Harvard To Star in Movie

Harvard students have been known to go to Hollywood from time to time. But this weekend, Derrick N. Ashong '97

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven