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25 Picket Against Harvard Pro Despite Eggs, Football Players

A small crowd of orderly demonstrators picketed outside the Harvard Provision Co. Saturday night for over two hours, despite attempts

Gallo Begins to Fight Back

Local efforts to enforce the nation-wide United Farm Workers-sponsored boycott of Gallo wines escalated this week and, apparently in response,

Wholesaler May File Suit To End Anti-Gallo Protest

A major distributor for the Harvard Provision Co.--a Square liquor store which has been boycotted and picketed for refusing to

70 Picket at Harvard Pro To Support UFW Boycott

A large group of noisy but orderly demonstrators manned a picket line outside the Harvard Provision Co. Saturday night, urging

Busing Sparks New Protests

Black students were bused out of their schools about noon yesterday as thousands of South Boston residents protested forced busing

Appointments at Home and Away

A seven-member committee has begun to evaluate over 266 applications in search of a replacement for University Police Chief Robert

Harvard Square: Professors and Punks

At Freshman registration several years ago, incoming Harvard students were given--among mounds of other printed material--some kind of Chamber-of-Commerce hype

Two More Say Goodbye To Harvard

The distinguished and august Harvard Faculty is running into a new problem: defectors. This week Martin M. Shapiro, professor of

Shapiro Will Leave Harvard To Join Faculty at San Diego

Martin M. Shapiro, professor of Government and constitutional expert, will leave Harvard this June to take a tenured faculty position

The Spirit Of Activism Returns

The rain seemed to have little effect on the 120 demonstrators who picketed in front of the OGCP office for

Possible Fuel Shortage Spurs Sales of Firewood at Harvard

Companies selling firewood to Harvard students are enjoying higher sales and higher prices as a result of the threatened heating

Declining J.V. Program Hurts Crimson Soccer

The Harvard junior varsity soccer program is quickly nearing extinction. There is no recognizable squad which can fulfill its necessary

Freshman Booters Fall to Brown, 2-0 In Tough Contest

It was an ill wind that blew across the freshman soccer field yesterday as the visitors from Brown shut out