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Judy Collins and Livingston Taylor. Liv is higher-pitched than his brother, though fortunately not as high-strung. He can be seen


Joan Renier. The Jenus Film Festival, currently showing at the Orson Welles, comes to Cambridge at some theater or other

A Few Ways of Not Liking 'Nashville'

A T SOME SHOWINGS of Nashville bands of people squirm in their seats, flamboyantly discontented--sharp out-takes of impatient breath, exclamations


Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth; --that's sure a blast from the past--are at Sandy's in Beverly starting Wednesday. Nelson's own

Introducing...the Boston Red Sox

Absent-minded on a summer afternoon, you could walk right by it without knowing. You might not have noticed the Fenway


To Be Or Not To Be, with Ernst Lubitach directing Jack Benny as the noted and great polish actor Joseph


Stanton Devis and the Ghetto Mysticism Band. This fine Jazzy rocky local favorite can be heard at a nice little


Phil Ochs. He sang at the Chicago Seven trial. He's been dragged out for every rally from here to Golden


Bluegrass. The Independence Day weekend is fireworks on the highway, but this one might be quiet and mellow: three days


Bonnie and Clyde. The first film of the Harvard holiday camp season comes under the auspices of "Summer School Flicks,"

Check, Check, Check

NIGHT MOVES ALMOST left town two days ago unnoticed. It ground through a week of general release in the suburbs,


Correction The newly-revived rock caps (suspiciously instituted last week to order to hype John Lincoln Wright and the Sour Mash


Romance. The romance festival at the Orson Welles hits its peak in the next week. Ophuls's The Earrings of Madame


Stones A one-Column ad sending people to an obscure Boston Woolworth's last week got the Stone's visit in June sold

Sure Playing a Mean Pinball

P AULINE KAEL called it "the cattleprod," the theory being that today's audiences are so numb from perennial TV that

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