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Founded in '44, Hillel Gave Jewish Students a `Home'

Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel, which today claims about a quarter of Harvard undergraduates as members, started out in 1944 with a few

Arts First and Foremost

Arts First is the Prague Spring of Cambridge's artistic life: It is the brief efflorescence of forces at work beneath

Three Years Later, Frug Probe Remains Open

Three years after law professor and Radcliffe Bunting stabbed to death in a nearby Cambridge neighborhood, police still do not

Harvard Grad's School Draws Strong Criticism

To some, it seems almost like a relic of the Cold War, when Harvard researchers conducted experiments with radiation on

Service Remembers Life of Homeless Woman

At 11 a.m. yesterday, nearly 60 people gathered at University Lutheran Church to commemorate the life and death of a

Band Performs X-Mas Songs

About 55 Harvard students, mostly first-years, gathered at midnight Saturday in front of Widener Library to hear the Harvard Band

When the Thought Really Counts

I 'm a woman of simple tastes. I like nice things, and there are some truly nice things in this

Demonstrators Allege JFK Cover-up

BOSTON--Approximately 35 demonstrators gathered outside the JFK Federal Building at Government Center today to protest what they allege is a

Cambridge Boasts Luxurious Well-Equipped Health Clubs, But Buyers Should Beware: The MAC is Cheap and Near

Compared to some health clubs, Harva4rd's gym looks like a nineteenth century European zoo--the overcrowding, the iron bars, the stench.

Transcendental Meditation Claims Benefits, But Where's the Proof?

Behind a well-kept lawn and plantings lies the enigmatic blank white face of the Transcendental Meditation Center. Inside 33 Garden

Packwood Case a `Parable' For Society, Panelists Say

The case of Robert Packwood (R-Ore.), the senator accused of sexually harassing 20 women over the past 25 years, is

News Splits Along Cultural Lines

I s it just me, or have you noticed a break between two sorts of news geared for two different

Blaze Strikes Lampoon

In a heroic battle, two Lampoon staffers drowned a smoky fire in their building last night. Flames erupted when a

Service Grants Give Grads a Chance to Dig Deep

Sujatha Baliga '93 began helping battered women when she received a phone call last year from her mother's friend. "I

Groups Disagree With AAA Letter

Student leaders of some campus ethnic organizations distanced themselves yesterday from a letter, written by the co-presidents of the Asian