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Music for the Masses?

It's about 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night, and the phone is ringing inside 389 Harvard St. Dan G. Appel

Prof. Dupes Crimson

The Crimson is a soapbox for all University affiliates--real and, on one occasion, imaginary. An "Ulf Fuerloin" was quoted in

Physicists Invent New Nutty Professor

A smattering of physics students defied scientific law last winter. They created a professor out of thin air--in a prank

Professor Dinkins Urges Students to 'Challenge Racism'

Giving his audience a history lesson on racism in America, former New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins encouraged a

Mandela Wooed by African Initiative

Nelson Mandela has said "no" to Harvard before. For years since Mandela's release from prison and ascendence to the South

Annan Stresses Globalization In Sanders Talk

About 200 student leaders and University administrators attended a University Hall reception welcoming United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan yesterday afternoon.

Chemistry Dept. Changes Ph.D. Advising System

Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry James G. Anderson, chair of the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, announced major changes


I had spaghetti for lunch. And a hamburger for dinner. We passed by a Bob's Big Boy on the way

Clinton Addresses Information Age at MIT

A day after the First Lady addressed the graduates of the Harvard Medical School, President Bill Clinton spoke of "the


S ince the beginning of time--or at least since 1879--the relationship between Harvard University and Radcliffe College has been in

Donors Support Widener, HLS

While the University generally covets large donations with no destinations attached, Harvard's donors put their money where their hearts were

Radcliffe Squabbles, Schemes

I t may not have been Bloody Sunday, but Radcliffe College has seen better Easters. In mid-April, The Boston Globe

Good Mental Health Care Requires Student Initiative

T he game of chance was supposed to end with Harvard's letter of admission. But for students coping with personal

V.P. Rowe Will Leave Harvard For D.C.

Twenty-five years after he left Cambridge in cap and gown, Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs James H.

The Third Rowe: A Washington Player Then and Now

When Lucia, daughter of James H. Rowe III '73, asked Dad what he did for a living, Rowe replied, "I'm