Paul A. Buttenwieser


The Mikado

Of all the baubles and goodies that customarily make their appearance at this time of year, there are few that


Choral Society and Dance Group

Something must have happened during intermission of last night's program by the Radcliffe Choral Society and the Radcliffe Dance Group.


Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

An unusually excited audience filled Sanders Theatre Friday night to welcome what might be termed the "new" Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra on


'Moral Philosophy' in a Secular University

In the Spring of 1958, the Harvard community was shaken by a heated, often bitter discussion concerning the role that


Thompson Requiem

One of the continual fascinations of contemporary music is the tension between originality and tradition arising from apparently conflicting ideals


The Golden Age of Comedy

All that glitters is not gold, and there is a fair amount of dross in this anthology of the great


The Sound and the Fury

They said it couldn't be done. They said you could never make a movie out of The Sound and the


Cambridge Civic Symphony

When Mayor McNamara welcomed the Cambridge Civic Symphony on the occasion of its debut in Sanders Theatre last night, he


King Pausole

It would take an inspired director and a truly brilliant production to make something satisfactory out of The Adventures of


Cello Sonatas

The artistry of the renowned cellist, Madeline Foley and of David Gross, who is perhaps the finest undergraduate musician at


Intellectual Provincialism Dominates College

One of the more subtle illusions entertained widely at Harvard about Harvard concerns the breadth of its intellectual attitudes. Impressed


Bach Society Orchestra

A steadily improving Bach Society Orchestra presented last night a program of two Mozart concertos and shorter works by Purcell


Faure Requiem

One of the great lesser-known works of choral literature is the Requiem of Gabriel Faure. Written near the end of


Bad Day at Black Rock

When Spencer Tracy walks off the train into Black Rock, he has a maimed left arm; he is considerably better


The Lowell House Bells

Among the many delights of the Reading Period, certainly none is more welcome than the Sunday serenade from the Lowell

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