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The Personal Touch

You have probably heard of the Inuit who barred a stranger from using his hearth because the fire might only


A Modest Proposal

The more things change, so goes a popular French proverb, the more they stay the same. Just ask Radcliffe College

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Ordinary People

Deaths have explanations to fill the voids they leave. Suicides are different. The suicide of Chang H. Jo '00 before


Two Truths and a Lie

For my first column, we'll play two rounds of an ice-breaker called "Two truths and a lie." Spot the lie


It's a Consumer's World After All

Each semester, academic purists bewail the corrupted, materialistic attitude with which we Harvard students consume our education. In a world


Blame Harvard for Cold Hearts

R ecruiting seniors who enter consulting or investment-banking are often charged to have somehow entered a Faustian contract and sold


Equal Opportunity Fetishes

The rules of interracial dating are supposed to be like this: If white dates Asian, it's a "fetish." If white


Marketing Diversity

I n October, the Asian American Association organized a debate between student leaders on the legitimacy of ethnic groups at


Multicultural Student Center Needed

T o a large extent, much of the debate surrounding the multicultural student center since the late 1960s has been


Time Management 101

H ere's a free time-management course for all of you reading this from the Alexander T. Nguyen School of Efficiency


Panelists Say Time Has Come to Cut Military

Reducing the $265 billion U.S. military budget in favor of increasing funding for educational and other social programs is not


Cambridge's Area Four: Poverty Tinged With Hope

From their vartage point in Harvard Square, many would consider Cambridge a city of affluence and majesty. Cambridge is home


Racist Graffiti Stuns Mather

For the second time this year, racially offensive graffiti has appeared on a Mather Tower elevator door, triggering an advisory


ESAC Demonstrates For Ethnic Studies

Members of the Ethnic Studies Action Committee (ESAC) mobilized yesterday to advocate cultural diversity and the creation of an ethnic


Prof. Resigns From Cambridge University Press

A Harvard professor has resigned from the Cambridge University Press (CUP) editorial board after the organization withheld a book from

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This Is CS50.

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Visual Arts

Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Visual Arts

Script Doctors

Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven