Melissa R. Hart


Finding a Voice

I ATTENDED MY first editorial meeting at The Crimson in December of my first year at Harvard, just minutes after


Wrong Tactics

I T WAS A SATURDAY afternoon. I was about to go outside to sit in the sun when the phone


Let's Meet Half-Way

F IRST-TIME VISITORS to the Lyman Common Room Center for Women (LCR), frequently remark with surprise that they had not


Proper Protection

O N MARCH 20, the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously that employers may not exclude fertile women from hazardous


'No' Means One Thing

"R APE IS UGLY, violent and dehumanizing," wrote Jon E. Morgan in an editorial last week. "It makes its victims


Who's the Real McCarthy?

L AST SATURDAY, the Harvard community was reminded by a coalition of conservative students that "McCarthyism has revealed its post-Cold


War Is No Cause to Celebrate

W AR IN AMERICA is unlike war anywhere else in the modern world. We have never been invaded by a


Setting Up a Dialogue on Violence

One year ago today, 14 women in Montreal were sentenced to death by a man with a gun. Their crime?


Dear Rape Survivor...

D EAR -------, I am writing this to you because I have sat with you in classrooms, waited in lines


No Veto for Leave Act

S OMETIME this week, President Bush will be formally presented with the Congress-approved Family and Medical Leave Act. The President


Era Marked by Growth, Controversy

Appointed as a young leader who could mend a campus torn by 1960s student activism, President Derek C. Bok has


Why Rape Happens at Harvard

M ORE than 25 percent of college women report having been raped. Eighty-four percent of those rapes are committed by


A Professor Tenured:

Anyone who has ever wondered why there is such a push for increased numbers of tenured minority and women faculty


In Search of Sexual Healing

T HE plot of Erica Jong's new novel, Any Woman's Blues quite literally never gets out of bed. As the


There is No Snow in Boston

Santa rode the red line home from work last night. He is the Santa Claus of State and Washington Streets

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