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Kozol Denounces Tenure Policies For Faculty Appointments in Education

Jonathan Kozol '58 denounced recent cut backs in minority enrollment and faculty appointments at the Graduate School of Education as


Herzog Speaks

Syria successfully diverted world attention to this month's Middle East debate in the Security Council, while pursuing imperialistic aims in


Bread Lines, Welfare or Luck?

For many students, "recession," "unemployment," "cutbacks" and "lay-offs" may be only words they read in the newspapers. But as students


Kahane Says American Jews Must Oppose Kissinger Policy

The head of the Jewish Defense League yesterday called on American Jews to oppose any Israeli territorial concessions to Arab


School Superintendent Resigns Because of Medical Problems

Alflorence Cheatham resigned yesterday as superintendent of the Cambridge Public Schools because of medical reasons, Mayor Walter J. Sullivan announced


Justice Minister Says Israel Rarely Violates Civil Liberties

Israel's Justice Minister said yesterday that despite continued threats to its national security, Israel has upheld "fundamental human rights and


Mideast Nations on 'Collision Course,' Jordanian Ambassador Tells Seminar

Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations said yesterday that peace efforts in the Middle East are "about to reach a


Israel Must Remain Sovereign, Abba Eban Declares at Rally

Former Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban told a Yard solidarity rally for Israel yesterday that Israel's existence must be a


Union of Concerned Scientists Criticizes AEC Safety Report

The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission's study on reactor safety seriously underestimates the hazards of nuclear reactor accidents, the Cambridge-based Union


Shulamit Aloni Calls for Talks In Middle East

Shulamit Aloni, a member of the Israeli Parliament and former Israeli Cabinet member, said last night she does not "see


CHUL Sends CRR Plan To Faculty Sub-Committee

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life last night showed support, in a series of straw votes, for a proposal

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