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Dummy article

Sunday 4:15 p.m. —Everyone working on Monday's issue meets in dummy meeting to pitch stories and decide on the layout

Dummy Article

Sunday 8:30 p.m. —Hana R. Alberts '06 helps layout stories on the front page and write headlines for them as

Dummy article

Sunday 3 p.m. —Staff writer Robin M. Peguero '07 works on his story in the newsroom.

Dummy article

Monday 2 a.m. —The final product appears from the presses as George D. Dioguardi prepares to organize the paper into

Dummy article

Monday 1:45 a.m. —Press operator Brian M. Byrne oversees the press run. The Crimson is one of only a few

Dummy article

Thursday 10:40 PM: Executive editor Lauren R. Dorgan '04 begins her "dayslot." Every issue starts with the dayslotter finding both

Dummy article

Monday 1:25 a.m. —Prepress operator George D. Dioguardi burns the film onto aluminum plates. These plates are then loaded into

Dummy article

Monday 1:15 a.m. —Managing editor David H. Gellis '04 awaits the last piece of film for the paper. All pages

Dummy article

Monday 12:50 a.m. —Editor of The Crimson Online Zachary Z Norman '04 updates the website with the current issue. Every

Dummy article

Sunday 9:30 p.m. —Executive editor Anne K. Kofol '04 senior night edits (SNEs) staff writer Andrew C. Esensten's story. Every

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An 11th-hour comeback adds an extra level of excitement to any game. Spectators at Bentley College watching the Harvard women's

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