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VES Faculty OK's New Open Tutorial To Start Next Fall

The Visual and Environmental Studies Faculty has approved a proposal to offer a new open tutorial for next Fall. The


Vis Stud Review Committee Suggests 'Creative' Tutorial

A student-faculty committee on curriculum review for the Visual and Environmental Studies Department has issued its preliminary report recommending a


Revelle Elected New AAAS President; Scientists Condemn Bombing Attacks

Roger Revelle, Saltonstall Professor of Population Policy and director of the Harvard center for Population Studies was elected president of


Does Busing Really Work?

David J. Armor, associate professor of Sociology, made public this week his new study on the effects of busing in


Educators Consider Three Year B.A.

President Bok said last night that many colleges are considering a three year B.A. program for reasons they don't often


Richardson: Women and the Ivory Tower

E LLIOT RICHARDSON '41, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, did not fit my image of the Federal bureaucrat. He


Non-Politics at Radcliffe Institute

As the Center for International Affairs was being ransacked a few blocks away, 250 women and a handful of men,


Bunting Praises Radcliffe Insititute

Outgoing Radcliffe President Mary I. Bunting Tuesday night gave her evaluation of what has been one of her per projects


Two Day Women's Meeting Is Held at Radcliffe Institute

A two-day women's conference got underway yesterday at the Radcliffe Institute as 350 women and a handful of men discussed


Picasso Stolen From Fogg

The major portion of a highly-valued Picasso painting was stolen from the Fogg Art Museum yesterday afternoon, a Fogg official


Radcliffe Entertains Juniors and Parents

I N BETWEEN FRESHMAN orientation week and commencement week there is Junior Parents Weekend. They came last week: curious and


Princeton Hires President Bunting

Radcliffe President Mary I. Bunting announced yesterday that she has accepted a position as special assistant to the President of


The Waitresses' Strike:

W HEN YOU WAITRESS, you work for the tips, not the wage, because a dollar an hour is nothing to


Council Kills Frisoli Referendum

Supporters of recently ousted Cambridge School Superintendent Frank J. Frisoli '35 lost another battle in their campaign to reinstate Frisoli,


Bok Gives Figures On Minority Hiring

President Bok released yesterday figures showing changes in University employment patterns since last February's submission of an HEW affirmative action

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out